Clearing out some old stuff that I have rarely worn. Everything is in great condition. Feel free to offer me, lowballers are ignored, as usual. NYC based folks have priority and discount.  ALL PICS CAN BE FOUND HERE: [Image] More pics can be found in the link posted at the start. Any questions, just shoot me a pm.

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Clearing out some old stuff that I have rarely worn. Everything is in great condition. Feel free to offer me, lowballers are ignored, as usual. NYC based folks have priority and discount.  ALL PICS CAN BE FOUND HERE: This my Levis leather jacket. It's a size S, but fits a little longer in the sleeves.  Condition: 8/10, worn a bunch, but in great condition. Some pilling on the inside flannel portion.  Price: $125 shipped - retailed for $400, purchased for $200.  [Image] More pics can be found in the link posted at the start. Any questions, just shoot me a pm.

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Hi HB fam. I have a quick question: being that I am starting to exclusively shoot on Portra and Fuji 400h, anyone have any good tutorials on editing the negatives? I just want to achieve proper tones that I see my favorite film photographers get with portra and the fuji film.  For reference to my workflow, I scan in Epson scan ~3200dpi, save as .tiffs, import the negative files into LR, open them up in photoshop and then invert the file, open up levels and use the individual Red blue and green levels to make the film look the way I think it should.

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Hey HB fam - so I'm kind of in a pickle. I came to college thinking I had a general direction of what I wanted to do (I was here over the summer as well), but now I'm completely lost. I've been meeting with career counselors and I have a meeting with the undecided major faculty later in the week, but every test I've taken online points me in the general direction of the liberal arts/arts area.  I've been kinda considering graphic design, not strongly, but as I'm now to the point of not wanting to do anything other than photography, I figured pairing the two would be a good choice? Just wondering if it's a good choice to become a graphic design major or something else? I am kinda set on the arts/liberal arts as a major now. I know for a fact I don't want to be an artist in the sense that all I do is draw/paint, I like the digital end of things.  tl;dr is graphic design a wise major choice?

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Congrats to Shanklin for winning October 2013!  This months theme is "Upside Down" (use your imagination). Past Winners: October 2013 - Shanklin : [URL]

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Hey all, I would have started this sooner, but I haven't received word on the next topic from last months winner yet and I'd like to get this started, so considering aww_fresh was the winner with a portrait of a girl we will make this round: FEMALE PORTRAIT.  If anyone has any objections feel free to PM me, but I feel like this is appropriate, I mean we all know girls, right?  Also to try and keep this contest going every month, I'm going to try to start a layout and if no one minds I can create the threads to keep it consistent?  Past Winners: September 2013 - aww_fresh :[URL]

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Ok this contest probably won't last, but its nice to do so every so often. considering we have a thumbs up/down system now the final way to judge is at the end of the month whoever has the most votes wins (unless someone else has a better way to do so?). GOGOGO

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Like the title says.  Thing works like a charm, but FWIW a college student just doesn't need a $250 vape as the money could be used towards better things ;)  Vape is in very good condition, although the top has a few little scratches and the body has a tiny surface dent (unsure as to how that got there - although I must have hit it when it was in my pocket). The only problem I've ever had with the vape is when the mouthpiece doesn't have lube it doesn't work properly, so taking care of it is a big must! Receipt will also be included for warranty issues. Shit... it's been gone for a while.. LONG while people.. Paypal can either be gift or add the 3% fee. [Image]

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Just curious if the regulars would want to possibly start a HB arts tumblr. Basically all the regulars who post in the film and daily snaps thread can be part of the tumblr (we are all mods on it or we just have one person who is so it doesn't get too cluttered).  Just a thought though, if anyones interested feel free to contribute.

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Yes, they are brand new. Only exception though is they've had 1 soak. I tried them on and I do not like the way they fit as well as I need the money for something else now. I'm only looking for $180 for a brand new pair of Flatheads. I will get tagged pictures up tomorrow but if you would like to purchase them shipping is on me. Please feel free to send offers as well.

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Price: $1,600.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9 Shows signs of use, but very clean. Body is in great condition I'd rate it a 9/10, no dents, the LCD has had a screen protector on it from the start (as well as the top LCD). I am the second owner, the first owner put about 40k clicks on it, I added about 35k. It is 2 years old. Come with all original accessories + 2 batteries, I will throw in a free 4 gb CF card as well. My price is $1600 shipped CONUS via paypal gift, or $1650 via paypal regular payment. Insurance is extra, but I will cover regular shipment via USPS priority mail. [Image] More pictures:

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Up for sale is a leather jacket that just never fit me quite right. It's a really nice leather jacket but just doesn't fit my style or my body right. Retailed for $400, and I paid $250 for it. Wore it 3 times, so I'm looking to get $200 shipped CONUS for it. Pics: For the sake of a tagged pic here: [Image]

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Ok, so I have a question to all those that are able to answer it. I have narrowed down my selection to a few lenses; EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM, EF 35mm f/1.4L USM, and EF 50mm f/1.2L USM. I am leaning towards the 50mm (unless someone can give me a reason why I should spend $400 more and get the 85mm f/1.2), and the reason is that I have seen pictures from it and they are stunning! My question is which would one of you guys recommend if anyone has one of these. My budget right now is ~$1500 so if you want to recommend a different lens please do. This is probably going to be my only big lens purchase as my other lenses won't be as expensive as this so I want to choose it right. If it helps I like to take pictures of nature (close-ups of flowers), people, landscapes (which is why I have a wide angle lens as one of my choices).

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