Whoah you did these ? Pretty sick man especially the last ones with the spikes and stuff. I would so buy those red ones with the eyeballs !

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See what I got today, the chukas and shirt: [Image] :D

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Fields of the Nephilim- psychonaut

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Not fair... smh All those skateshops so far away doing awesome collabo's with vans... And leaving the rest of the world drooling over internet pictures... Boohoo ! Guess I'll go and paint them shoes myself then, arrr.

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Some nice ones in there ! Like h1!w said, the blue checkers look great, and also loving the half-cabs in that independent picture, and and and...

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Dont like the shoes much, but what about that jacket ! Is that coming out ? Me wants... Or a shirt ? I just want the print. ;)

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They would look good ( great! ) if that inside print was on the outside... Now they just look cheap to me, sorry.

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Yeah I wanna have that pin too, too bad I havent seen the shoes in any skateshop yet ... !?

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Alot of people here skate fallen, especially "the chief". I tried them on, they were really comfortable. My little brother skates them too, they are holding up really really good !

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Nice ! Same model as the camo syndicates, I always liked his older model, very comfy. But this one isn't such a mystery right ? There's also a tnt2-MID coming out, in yellow/white/black, Antihero colours !

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Oh wow, just wow... Those first ones are the sex !!!1!

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[Quote] Hah that sounds pretty good actually, and you know, it's just a name I got lots of 'em... But zolarzyztem is like the "umbrella" under which all my other aliases operate. smokeyface

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Drak is on the right track ! Looks like the stuff I used to do when I was your age. Take it to the walls !

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I'm getting me some of these this or next week [Image]

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Nay, I came across some hemp slip-ons some months ago, lightbrown and very delicious. Also try to locate the brown crepe slip ons.

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