[Quote] Hot Rod Major League Pootie Tang

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Control, the Joy Division movie. It hit me hard for some reason.

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I second the word on the beeswax desert boots. I have beeswax Wallabees and love 'em.

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JayBape has to have a mental handicap or something.

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[Quote] You have to break them in. After that, all is golden.

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[B]arr[/B] I can't quote pics, but what the hell is going on downtown in that last pic? looks like a tampon string or some shit

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Get a ti-83 and learn how to use it. Seriously. When I got to college algebra and trig and realized you could do everything I'd learned for the past 10 years with a t-83, I was pissed. If you have to show work, fake it. Most teachers just look to see if you have [I]any[/I] work, not good work, especially in Alg 2.

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I'll be on the AskAndy/SF steeze.

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I was taking a dump a couple weeks ago before class when someone walks in and sits in the stall next to me. He then proceeds to take a nasty-ass shit while breathing as heavily as possible, sounded like he was running a marathon. Think Darth Vader breathing. I wait until I think he's left to avoid that awkward eye contact of simultaneous shitters and when I get out of the stall I realize that someone had walked in instead of him leaving. I then wash my hands next to this grungy homeless guy that had taken the deuce next to me, three backpacks, jacket and all. I hope that he's just a goofy prof.... until I see him walk straight out of the bathroom back onto the street and grab his rusty old bike. I haven't used that bathroom to shit since after I found out homeless guys shit there.

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Mary Louise Parker & Billie Piper ([I]Secret Diary of a Call Girl[/I]) agreed on Kristin Davis love the ladies on HBO/Showtimer

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popeyes (strips, biscuits x3) bojangles (mostly everything) chik-fil-a (sandwiches, nuggets, lemonade, and shakes) chicken and biscuits rule the fast food world, imo.

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Headphone.com has good reviews/guides, but their prices can be rape. A lot of their headphone advice revolves around amps though, so keep that in mind.

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"You're so fat the fat doesn't know where to go, so it pops out on your chest"

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I was into this drop, copped the Kind of Blue tee in white, but I couldn't do the On the Corner tee (I'm not crazy about that album btw), for the same reason I didn't like the Black President tee; I would have felt ridiculous wearing that on my pale-skinned self.

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