lol! I actually watched the whole show.

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I was, and it was pretty fun too. smokeyface

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[Quote] Iwon't say I've never tried to get on a chick off of facebook, but she got on me.

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blinkyeyes [size=18][b][color=red](Please post your stories)[/color][/b][/size] I'm not going to lie, this has happened to me on more then one occasion. My story: So last night I got this random myspace add/message from this girl who claimed she was in my class and wanted to get to know me. So I check out her pictures and I'm thinking to myself "ok, I'm going to have to meet this chick because she looks cool. So we get to talking on AIM and although she seems a little nerdy, I'm thinking shes cool, and I wouldn't mind kicking it with her. So today she asks me if I want to meet up before class, and I agree. I walk to the library to meet up with her and... blinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyes This chick is big, and I mean bigger then me. I

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Did this sh!t go down? Am I supposed to make another trip down to the Chi?

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If I cop I will cop only one pair, and thats it.

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Gap Pea Coats are the sh!t, and can be had on eBay for around $50. Banana republic coats aren't that expensive on eBay either, but honestly I like the gap coat better. LL Bean coats are cool too.

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May I have links? I will try and do what I can, -Alex-

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Might want that zune.

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Please post pics up where we do have to click links. -Alex-

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Any idea as to what it could cost? I need to upgrade!

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Well I remember back in the 80's when Izod owned Lacoste my mother would have me rocking the polos. That woman is cheap so I take it she only spent $10-20 on each polo, more then likely on sale at JC Penny. [Image] Back then it wasn't just kids clothing either. Back then they made clothing for the adults too. Wish it were that way now because I'd honestly rock it.

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Highest offer is Aqua VIII's DS plus $50 cash. Not in a rush to sell, but if i get the right buy or trade offer then I'd love to take it.

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I'll offer $125 shipped.smokeyface Or maybe we can work something out for my VNDS white/red Jordan XII's size 10 (but fit like a 10.5)

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Do you accept trades? I'll start with an offer of my white/red Jordan XII's (which can be viewed in my photo album) and $50 cash. LMK, -Alex-

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