[Image]Too much stacking? Don't hate on the feet blushing

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Not looking to sell for rape prices or anything, I'd just rather get the new iPhone than wear it. Haha. Never worn or even taken out of packaging, just got to my house yesterday. $130 + shipping or best offer. [Image]

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Looking for a Cold As Ice tee XL, DO NOT want the white one.

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So, I had a pair of APC New Standards in 34 waist. I loved the fit on them, but sadly they are now ruined. I'm looking into buying a new pair of denim and I'm thinking about something different, but would like the same type of fit. Any suggestions?

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This is gonna be my first time going to California since I was like 13, so what're some good shops to check out? Doesn't have to be in just LA, I'm planning on going to a few different parts. Some good places to eat would be helpful too!

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But am I the only one who gets on here when you're really drunk with the intentions to fuck with people?

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I don't really have any specific ones in mind, so just PM me or post on here with what you got and what price.

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So I've been wearing just normal ass levi's for as long as I can remember, and I just ordered a pair of Naked & Famous jeans. Basically, I need someone to give me the lowdown on how to take care of these bitches and when to wash them.

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I'm looking for an XL Kate Moss Tee, specifically grey but I'm not exactly dead set on it. The only color I won't take is white. PM me with what you got!

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