I can't rock Supreme, or huf, or hundreds, or diamond, or stussy etc... I'm more of a preppy street style guy. What sort of brands should I look at?

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Looking for: Hoodie (any color) Shirts (any color) pm me VERY INTERESTED, will pay good money.

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What are some really nice/good quality Canadian brands around these days?

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I have 10/10 red box grey donegal and cash. Pm me

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I'm looking to get oxfords that are a Canadian Brand ( they don't have to be made in Canada necessarily, but a Canadian Brand.) I saw some decent quality Roots ones but I'm looking for something a little more classy. Any thoughts?

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Pleasure doing business with you! please leave me feedback

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closed ~Lefty

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I have feedback on Newschoolers.com, same username Cashhhhhhhhh or supreme Size Large amazing condition pm me if interested [Image]

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