i'm about done with my APC's; 2yr no wash. thinking about getting 3sixteens, and i love the new standard cut but dunno which one to pick.

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So i've been in my APC NS's for about 18 months now. 0 washes, 0 rinse still raw. (i'll post pics of pre-wash and post wash in a couple of days) and i think it's almost time to retire these bad boys. I'm looking for another pair that's about the same price range and similar cut to the new standards. any recommendations?

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Aye so i was at this party last night and we went outside of the house to chill then outta no where i found 100 bucks in the street snatched that shit. what am i gonna do with this bill now?

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aye a hommie needs to up his texting game texting is just boring as shit to me now any pointers?

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once registration opened up, the trolls started swarming in again

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stare at the black dot [Image]

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Yo so i was taking a mean ass shit and i dropped a full circle; looked like an "O" i probably coulda wore that shit like a crown [Image]

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this thread is just to get my post count to 25, so i can post links and pics of hot girls in the asian thread anyone who needs 25posts can join me too! yeah boi!

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