Thanks, I appreciate you guys taking the time to check it out!

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This an interview I did with the founder of the fashion brand LAVSH, Alfred Lape. It's an amazing and inspiring interview. If you are a visionary or a creative embarking on a journey whether in fashion, entertainment, etc...this one is for you. [URL]

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Looking to connect w/ some other Atlanta bloggers or creatives in the city for a project I have in the works...seeking more culturally versed young people.

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Pryourity Clothing - One of the best upcoming ones out of the A.

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I interviewed these visual artists for my blog & they gave some interesting insight, so I thought I'd share. [Image] Ali Gulec interview:

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One thing: the photos w/ you guys modeling the shirts...I think wearing the button-downs/jackets/scarves really overshadow the t-shirt itself. I would love to see more focused & clear shots of you guys just wearing the tees. Dope concept though...keep progressing!

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