[Quote] Im looking into some black denim. I have indigo PS, so im thinking of going for black APCs. What model do you have?

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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Drops tomorrow. Demo is available on the eshop. Never played the series, definitely picking this up cause the demo looks poppin son.

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Lookin for a size 13 Burgundy Chukka. Pm Me.

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Anyone got a blue paisley hoodie for sale? A Large PM ME!

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Smoke weed son, everyday, all day

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Spitta That ♥♥♥♥♥

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Lmao this shit is too much

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I did!

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I'm planning on coppin a 15 i7 MBP next year but I'm tryna get all my music from Zune to iTunes to make the switch. I used to used Tunebite which I paid for in order to strip the DRM but it isn't working sooooo.... Anyone have any ideas to help me get all the DRM files into iTunes so I can prep all my shit for my switch to MAC life?

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[Quote] please

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Here is the feedback thread for myself: Here is my most recent barter. [URL]

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[Quote] thanks mate

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