this site has more info lol kanye goin ham [URL]

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if you condone theft/robbery/stealing ... kill yourself. you're a waste to society

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[Quote]Premier hats are made in china (says so on the tag) and must include the premier fits brand tag on the inside of the cap. definitely cheaper options that don't require another companies brand tag attached to the hat.  Premier makes dope hats though if thats the only resource you can find. Alibaba would be your best bet. Go direct. Companies like Premier Fits are a middle man to the factories in china.

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[Quote]he obviously just wanted to plug his site

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pittsburgh is a dope little city. you can be in the boonies within 15-20 minutes of being downtown. It's a mostly suburban city with a small set of of beautiful skyscrapers down town. Gotta hit The O in Oakland for some bomb late night food. Pittsburgh lags heavily in the fashion scene though. I'm not sure why, but most people in the 'burgh just wear jean shorts and a steelers swag. There street wear scene is limited.  A small list of boutiques and brands: BLASFOME One Up Skate Shop Time Bomb [URL] Social Status Klassiq Fashion

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chevy woods in the KING tank [URL] [Image]

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awe damn nigga! nuts in the ass, dick in the pussy!

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da fuck is this

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promo code "stayhigh" for 20% off t-shirts @ promo code "dope" for 10% off strapbacks & snapbacks

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Kush Friendly was established in 2010. The High Life. Supplying domestic and international accounts. [Image]

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