1)If you can afford them I would definitely say go for a pair of 3sixteen 2)measure you best fitting pair of jeans and compare those measurements with the size chart over at self edge 3)beat em up, give them at least a soak whenever they're dirty, I would even recommend giving them a pre soak to get any shrinkage out and maximize fading potential

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[Quote] does anybody know where I can find this? I've been looking but can't find it anywhere, soo sick.

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just got a levis type I jacket and a pair of 501 STF tobacco. I'm stoked on finally getting a type I jacket

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washing or soaking them will make em fade faster, always a good idea to soak jeans right away even if they are sanformized.

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yea thats what ive heard :/, tho im way to poor to buy another pair of jeans for a loooong time so it might be a good thing :p

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i was sick that day, watched the news all morning, went to school at lunch but school was closed that day because there was a supposed hijacked airline that was being diverted to my city, which was crazy cause i live in Whitehorse, small town up north. all the radio stations were going crazy about the hijacked planes coming here and how all schools and govt buildings were closed and how everyone should go home.

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Sexi08- gonna be my main jean for the winter N&F left hand twill slim guy- wear these a couple times a week N&F Broken twill skinny guy- sized down way to many on these but am losing weight again so these might go back into my rotation if i do random levis- my party jeans along with my slim guys, im a pretty messy drunk so gotta wear jeans i dont care about on the weekends haha

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just got a pair of used once sexi08s, nicest jeans, i gave them a hot soak but they didnt end up being stiff at all, ill try to wear em like this and hope they crease, or would it be a good idea to starch em?

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kiya not gonna lie those look sick! if only they werent 340 id consider getting them and a cheaper pair of jeans, instead of 1 pair of jeans

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can someone who owns the 666od tell me how much the thigh stretches out? i need another pair of raws, had to sell my last pair smh it looks like a good fit except the thigh looks pretty tight.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWOS1gDMnBM dunno if this has been posted yet. this is probably my favourite beat. this beat is when your trying to sleep but your mind keeps on thinking. and Qbanks thats a sick chill beat!

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j-dilla workinonit on vinyl, sickest beat

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[Quote] same, only buy on vinyl

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Anybody know what the price will be on those ties from the fall winter collection? Soo sick

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thinking about getting some 301s does anyone know the knee measurements on a size 32?

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