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It's fucking amazing: http://superchieftv.tumblr.com/ This dude actually writes funny shit on his tumblr and doesn't just post pics of tits and old archived photos from Googe Images...

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This dude from the Bronx has one of the funniest blogs I have ever read in my life. FUCKING HILARIOUS. http://victory-light.blogspot.com/ he's a beast on twitter too: @THEKIDMERO He is a NY sports fan though, so be warned my fellow Beantown knuckleheads

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Just a little shameless self promotion. In keeping with the recent prophesying of the "end of HB", I (a newcomer) am here fishing for compliments and brand awareness. My line consists of tees and hats. I know the website is pretty weak, but the products are on point. Being that I am a one man team with a background in molecular biology, my website is wicked weak and product photos are mere mockups (i swear the Joker Sisters shirt is the SHIT in person!). The real reason I started this thread was to show off the first of a set of two snapbacks that will be dropping in the next month or so. It's a wool construction with a genuine heat stamped leather patch. Just wanted to show off my hard work, since it's a shame a lot of people aren't exposed to my infant stage brand right now. Check it! [Image] Right now they can only be found at the RAW store in Somerville and the Green Street Vault Truck in Boston. They will be available online in 2012.

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