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interested... can you offer a better price? am deciding between this and a more subtle, leather bag. thanks- my aim is rayleoni if its faster...

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hey fish and those other with APC jeans, dont the APC jeans stain your white shoes? on all my shoes, the jeans seem to bleed really heavily on the laces if Im not careful with them. I usually dont like to cuff the jeans so I guess the edges are where the indigo is coming from...

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sorry if this thread is boring to some of ya'll but i think it brings up an interesting question the resellers don't even know the stuff they're selling is fake. They actually think it's 100% authentic which is a little disheartening. I think they refuse to believe that their stuff is fake because of their pride? if you guys have nothing else to say but this thread sucks and other flaming dont post please

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" you gonna post a link but not the thread. I know you looked on karmaloop. There is no such thing as "limited" when it comes to clothing. That's only to drive the prices up. Where are L-R-G's produced? NYC ?? Uptown? You don't know anything about how the garment industry works. And since your dollars is so long, why you shopping on ebay? How many dead serious you got in your closet? I got wholesale accounts, and Wal-mart prices is low. What, they selling fake lettuce? knock-off cabbage? It ain't grown on a real farm? Let's see the thread, you gotta alot of info, but nothin 2 back it up." his reply once again... i think somebodys mad... cmon hypebeast, flame this resellaa smokeyface and can everyone please agree to the consensus that all his shyt is fake?!

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this his link [URL] tongueface tongueface tongueface

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Hey, felt like being a total asshole today so I was on eBay scanning some streetwear stuff when I came across an eBay auction titled "CLH DEAD SERIOUS Hoody" For fun, I decided to be an asshole and emailed him: "every thing your selling is FAKE. every single hoody. your dead serious hoody is so fake i can't even describe everythign that's wrong. first of all they retail for much more while your tricking ebay users into buying it for a 100.. im hatin' cause i hate fake resellers that pull it off liek its real.. damn, i hope you at least know that what youre selling is fake." And he responds with these 2 emails: "you need to stop smoking. has them right now for $280. And do you know any company that sells for the same price that they buy? You think hypebeast paid $300, and sell for $300. Yep, they saw you coming. Don't hate cuz my shyt is real, and wholesale, you ain't even got $300 for 1. You hating on the ones that do have tha hoody. You remind me of a notepad killa." "I just noticed, nyc. The city known for selling bullshit. Playstation3's in time square for $300. Your city is the knock-off capital. Tell the truth, you got a closet full of knock-off's." Yo... Resellers on ebay are crazy.. they actually believe their stuff is real... And he actually sold a fake CRACK hoody already while that shit hasn't even been out for that long... Can I get some support and spam his ass through ebay messaging service? Shit gotta stop.

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^^^ haha wow... aeros just got owned

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these run like a size big... the arms are pretty long... i have a CLH be a star hoody in size M if any of you are interested. Brand new... pm or aim me at nyczrl.

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Anyone know where the John Starks L&D tee is sold? I'm looking for one but can't find any.... it's john starks dunking over grant + mj btw

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