[Quote] yeah i checked that part like five times but it was under construction, they must have just put it back up.. and i have ordered of eastbay before but they don't have any new joker shit, and why pay shipping and taxes while my bro can just bring it over the border and avoid all that shit..

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[Quote] they have THE worst customer service in the planet. i've tried e-mailing them numerous times about several things and it took them at times 2 months to reply. but anyways, thanks for the one store, really helps out, anymore suggestions? it'd be madly appriciated, alrite thanks again.

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ATTN: DETROIT PLAYAS I GOT A QUESTION where can i get joker brand in detroit? yeah i know this ain't streetwear related but i wanna get my bro to cop me a few shirts while he's there so if you know where a store is located that sells joker PLEASE let me know! thanx

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[Quote] hahahaha bullshit, you wouldnt fight a ***** pointin a .45 point blank on your faggot-ass head. you sound like a faggot, bro.

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What a stupid fucking thread. Fuckin' sheep. IS THIS COOL Y'ALL? Seriously guy, get a fucking mind of your own.

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Did you really just make this post? Some kids are re-fuckin'-tarded.

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dudes rockin' LV messenger bags = queer. nothin' wrong with that ofcoarse, i'm just sayin'...

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what the fuck are you thinkin with them price tags, boi? knock'em bitches down some.


whoever worries about "steppin their games up" so much that they'd be willin drop $600 on a pair of naty-ass fucking sunglasses needs to be shot in the fucking head.

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Besides the Shelter and the new Headquarter store in Mexico City, anyone know any other good stores that carry streetwear stuff in Mex? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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Yeah, like all these other Streetwear brands that are getting the fuck hyped out of them right? I've seen more kids on 10 Deep than FSAS hoodies.

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i'd punch you in your fucking throat if i got some of these asshole responses you cats give people for asking a simple question, haha.

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jona looks like a moron wearing all that ice.. most people do but that's beside the point.. atleast african american folk have somewhat of a valid justification for stuntin their ice, whips, etc.. that 'tard is plain and simple showing off to be a cunt. whatever though, the dude can do whatever he pleases. good for him? haha.

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yeah but he said ALL of it completely rubbed off...

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