[Image] http://instagram.com/elllisde

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5 photos taken around the house over the past 2 years, theme is isolation. I used a nikon fm2 and fuji x100.  [Image] [URL]

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Ive been seing the smileys posted on here.  Anyways I got banned and need to reply to a thread.  Message me.... My user name there is spinoza.   [Image]

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Whats ya email Lets talk business smokeyface

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We did it HB smokeyface Pretty cool considering I started taking pics in the daily snaps thread.   [URL]

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shameless plug :p [URL], on Flickr

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For a photo contest.....maybe its not the best pic but Im in it to win it.  Thank you......you guys helped me get to the final round.   Im picture number 7   http://www.blogto.com/city/2013/02/the_2012_photos_of_the_year_final_round/

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You're free to vote for whoever you want but Im picture number 9. HB we in dis  [Image] [URL]

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Basically this is a set about how hands can convey emotion better than words or facial expressions.  [URL] thanks for looking HB smokeyface

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Better than the legit version [Embed content]

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For BlogTO photo of the week its number 7. http://www.blogto.com/city/2012/08/the_photos_of_the_week_august_25-31/ [Image]

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It keeps saying something about authenticating the user.

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Sometimes its hard to explain why something gives you a certain feeling. Its even harder to explain what that something is. It could be a moment, or an idea, or even a sensation. You don't know why it affects you but it just does. Its like vividly remembering something from a dream. I call this set things I dream because some of these pics were inspired by dreams and others feel like a dream to me when i see them. Have you ever remembered something from a dream that didn't make sense. Some of these pictures give me that feeling. CLICK FOR THE SLIDE SHOW [URL] http://mrelllis.tumblr.com/

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I think the photo book was a bit too ambitious. But maybe we can get a feature on the main page where some of the regulars post their 2 or 3 best? It would be a great way to gain some exposure for ourselves and the forum. You could just call it Daily Snaps from HBers.

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