psn = Komodo9 Gta4 MGs4 GT5 Cod4 Mlb The Show 08

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anyone know when this will be released?

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The thing is the game only comes with 1 gun. I don't know any stores that sells the gun individually w/o the game. Like you mentioned above, I want to play it with other people so this is really a major drawback.

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Anyone have this game? I've read mediocre reviews about this game and I'm not too sure whether or not to buy it. Is it worth the $80 retail price?

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I'm looking to buy $205 worth of goods from, does anyone know how much shipping and duties and taxes would cost around? I'm from Toronto btw.

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So I bidded on this candle gift set that comes with a glass bowl for a valentines gift. When the item came, it was in unsatisfactory condition (the bowl was badly scratched everywhere) and inside the box was so dusty and sandy. I think because it was so dusty and sandy inside it caused the bowl to be scratched. The item description listed as brand new and the picture it showed of the bowl didn't have any scratches on it. My question is, if I file an item dispute will I be refunded for my whole coverage (the item I paid for along with the shipping) and if I were to ship the item back to the seller will it be at their expense? Sorry for this lame question, it's my first ever time encoutering something like this. Serious and mature replies only please. Thanks.

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