Listing various pieces including on Vancouver Craigslist: ・Uniqlo button shirts from Japan ・Ann Demeulemeester waistcoat purchased from superfuture ・Hollister plaid and button shirts from the States ・Sold out W♥C "I'm Poor But Good Looking" t-shirt from Shibuya, Japan Please have a look and reply to the Craigslist address ! Meet up in Vancouver or Burnaby

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Interested in your real japan blues and nudies - check your visitor messages please

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No chance you will be restocking the Comme des Garcons PLAY x CONVERSE Chuck Taylor Low White in 9s or 10s will you?

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Interested in your CDG Play Shirt but not enough posts to send a PM. Check your visitor messages please!

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[Quote] Took AP Bio and got a 5 but it took me like a whole school year's worth of memorizing this 1500+ page textbook. Also took AP Stat and Econ and those were much easier - got 4s for each of them without too much effort and a fraction of the study time it took for bio. Good luck to those were are taking them this year!

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[Quote] Hmm... either the store is pretty busy or my buddy is getting busy

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^ EDIT: borrow a SPC card off some kid you know and save 15% at Foot Locker [Quote] Been to Salvatore Ferragamo on Robson and the staff (especially the one who opened the doors) were really nice even though I left the store empty handed. Think that's usually the case though if you dress nicely Downtown And the shoes are around $600 - $900 depending on what you want? Found some nice loafers there for around $500 but didn't want to put that much down for shoes...

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Playing my Street Fighter in the arcade. Lose a couple rounds and decide to talk a stroll around to walk off my shame. Pass by Tekken and find a dude doing himself to Lili Rochefort (you know the blondie in the white skirt). Decide that I rather go back and get my ass kicked a couple more rounds instead. Now every time I see someone playing as Lili I wish there was an unsee button for my eyes Edit: I think I'm going to stop playing at arcades for a while. A long while

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A card and more things from Sephora that are supposed to make people pretty and all Place is a lifesaver for birthdays and other days like this one if you can stand the occasional male staff member that makes you wonder if a third gender exists

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