[Quote] Anyone know how much these are gonna cost?

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So is 200 what ppl should expect to pay for any supreme bgrades?

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You can still get in any size on solebox, but w/shipping to the US the price is ridiculous, too high for them (like 85 euros + 35 euros shipping to US = something in the area of $180 US)

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[Quote] Lol theyre going for more than the linoleums

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Hey someone today at school mentioned this place to me since they know I like sneakers, but havent heard much about it here on the forums. Anyone have any info on it and is it worth a visit or no?

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So annoyed I havent gotten these yet, slept when they came out a few weeks ago and now can't find them online anywhere except ebay, which has no 13s.

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[Quote] Hey fine by me, means I cop for cheaper

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[Image] Hey anyone know when and where these are gonna drop?

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I like these, but the price tag (its 175 retail right?), and the hype will probably push these up out of what I would pay. But if these were cheaper, its a cop

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[Quote] Yeah this guy is 100% legit, I've talked to him and he has tons of ppl here and on NT who vouch for him.

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[Quote] I dont think its about the streetwear, it just depends on what the people you hang out with wear. I buy dunks, af1's etc. and dont own any streetwear, but since no one at my school wears any shoes except their one pair of crappy pumas or new balances, I'm the one known as the school sneakerhead. So I dont feel I'm part of any bandwagon, just that I buy certain shoes that look nice to me.

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Name: Nate City: NYC Occupation: student -- Senior in HS Favorite brands: Nike, stussy, adidas, jordan

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Two more weeks for first semester then done for the year, 2nd semester senior year And then I'm in college so school means shit then blushing AP US: A AP Calc: A- Physics: B+ English (two classes): A- and B+

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[Quote] How much are they there, cheapest I can find now is 95-100

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[Quote] I love them, bit expensive but if I can find for retail (doesnt seem too hard considering everyone else hates these), i'll cop. Whats the release date on these?

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