I have had my pair of Nudies for a few years now. I have been hand washing and using this stuff Denim Shampoo from live in blue. Never have had any problems with washing them. I never put them in the dryer though.

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[Quote]I agree, it was really strange. It was a bit too bloody/gruesome at times (don't want to spoil it). I liked the ending though, def didn't see it coming.

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I thought this was one of the best spiderman movies. The fight scenes were awesome and so was the music

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[Quote]I bought one of their original wallets for my husband a while back. He loved it because it was super thin. Still has it today, just has some small scratches into the leather

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Nordstrom has a pretty good selection as well

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[Quote]That happened to my first pair. I took them to a tailor (because I suck at sewing) and she sewed it up. It held up pretty well.

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