Ya im tryna freestyle on kanyes part from the Ego remix with beyonce cept the intrumentals on youtube is from the original so the rapping beat part isnt extended like in the Kanye remix u feel me. Anyone could tweak the instru for me real quick? Thanks in advance. Original instru: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URxDJtqfRVo What it needs to be like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW5EzxFR4SM

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Even if I could... that's why I decided to stop rapping(to blow up that is, mite styll do it for fun) I want my privacy and my ability to go anywhere I want to to not be hindered. Id rather live good and still be relatively unknown yadig smokeyface

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Since theres about a hundred threads where niggas post "dimes" and such, I thought nid be interesitng to post wut niggas consider a 1. And then for them to answer this question, would you fuck that 1 for 3000 grands? Heres mine: [Image] I had a hard time deciding if this girl was a 1 or in the negatives but I decided to settle with her. And yes, Id bang her for 3000 grand(assuming I have already lost my V, i aint losing it to the real life female shrek).

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Previous Winners: [URL] Lindsay Blowhan [Image]

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thread will be made in a cpl minutes/hours but jus like all great battles in history, i know all u wanna speak on ur favourite etc. KINGZEEK: Black 6'2 6.5 inch dick(measured last yr, eye test suggests growth) Style: Streetwear Virgin Lindsay Blowhan: Asian(pinoy? ) Under 5'10(default race height) Under 5.5 inch dick(default race lenght) Style: Faggot Virgin(unverified, based on him sittin alone at lunch) let the debate begin smokeyface

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my swag brought Lupe back to HB http://hypebeast.com/forums/off-topic/182096/?topic_page=1#post-3684908 shit is OG AF smokeyface

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@drewbacca who finna challenge the yung gawd? this finna be my wdywt debut too smokeyface id like to officially challenge these specific hypebeasters tho: @the-arm @mayimbe181 @ghost-mcfly @mackness @avinas @peachymilk @frankhied @missy @missy-2 if all of em pussy out, i will glady take up challengers smokeyface

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[Quote] Gregory Rivera =/= DSteezy F. Baby

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whos in smokeyface

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I feel too lazy to shower 2day. I think imma do that savage lifestyle 2day. http://blog.integrativenutrition.com/2010/11/6-reasons-why-you-can-skip-a-shower http://www.projecthappilyeverafter.com/2008/11/the-art-of-not-showering/ Discuss.

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Will I regret it it? Is being unhappy at work worth bustin ur ass for dough? Someone wants to stop me before I do it?

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Cuz u live wit them 24/7 and shit so u rly notice their negative sides more than anyone else's?? Idk man, I rly fkn hate mines at times. I wonder if as I grow older i will end up rly loving them and all the shit we went thru will cause me to rly embrace them, idk.

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Ask away

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A lot ppl claim they dont give a fuck wut ppl think when in reality they do, just to a different degree. We all want to look good and have people that like us etc. We all care to different extents. Ive been wondering for a while tho if internalizing a full idaf mentality would make me live the ultimate life tho. Like legit couldnt give a shit wut no one thinks. Go to a wedding in flip fops and camo shorts shit. Not care to be "cool" etc. or if ppl will accept me or not. Ive tried applying it in the past but I always end up stopping. Shit is too chrey and demands huge ass balls. Anyways, yeh. Discuss and yeh, u kno anyone like dat?

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boland, hailthekingkids, idontmindcock, johnlamone etc. Stop feeding them/him attention and theyll stop looking for it. Simple. Mods it mite even be a good idea to sticky this for the time being.

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