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Yesterday was rummaging under my bed, and in amongst magazines and old plain white tee's was a pair of my old Nike Oncore Hi-top's in a plastic bag, i was confused as why they where in a plastic bag, then i opened them up, they stank to high heavens, how the hell can i stop them smelling so bad, my feet usually smell quite bad (athletes foot sucks dick) but these where disgusting, i've put them in the freezer to kill bacteria but that didn't work, tried car cleaner ball (those dope things with smiley faces that smell sick) but i can't think of anything else to stop my shoes smelling so bad. HELLLLLLLLLLP

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Looking to spend just under $200 on a supreme box logo hoodie or snap button, gray or navy or maroon. then looking for a black herringbone hat (w/leather peak) pm me. gotta ship to UK

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Looking for supreme box logo fs/ft in either grey and red coulorway or navy and red. also looking to cop a herringbone in either navy or black. gotta be able to ship to england. holla holla, paypal verified etc, i will pay by by gift or add 4% etc. holla.

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