[Quote] I loved that album, Foxy Brown went goes on Affirmative Action. I think that Nas will always have something to offer, its just that we expect so much from him now. With albums like Illmatic, It was written, and Nastradamus he has left himself big shoes to fill!

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[Quote] have the same problem smh good to know that the many many hours i put into cod may help me in some way!

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K.G.B - Binary Star 4th Chamber - GZA ft The RZA, Ghostface Killah, Killah Preist Ether - Nas

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i like the 32 player games! killing frenzies ftw! what is the top 10, 6, 3, and 1% measured on, kills alone, K/D ratio, score? are you still looking for clan members Infamous? cus if you are im down!

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lol. ill add you tonite!

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Pretty much most of "The Bake Sale" by The Cool Kids. Tonnes of bass in that album.

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Video Games Listen to music Make beats on Fruity Loops

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sits comfortably in my back right pocket!

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[Quote] yes yes yes!

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There is already a thread for those who wanted to get a HB clan going for the 360. Im sure there are some of us who would be down for the idea but for the PS3. So, whos up for it? PSN1: kimp_hl PSN2: GzA-GeNeTiX I use both accounts, so add both if ur down.

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[Quote] ah i thought so, wasnt 100% sure how it was done as ive only played the game for like 50mins. thanks for clarifying that for me!

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Got my copy yest, was very happy with it! Will take abit of getting use to the sluggish sensitivity (even on max), but that was to be expected. Alternative 2 ftw aswell! Im abit behind everyone on the forum by the sounds of it, will have to catch you lot up! Can you put wagers on clan matches or something?

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Played this when it first came out for quite a while. Still got all my cards, played two different decks. Had a gravekeeper deck and a Warrior/Spellcaster deck. Had alot of good cards, i wouldnt mind selling them now, im at uni and always need cash! Would never sell my Magic cards though. Spiritmonger ftw!

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big fan of many of the artists already mentioned, love the work of the upcoming London born artist "TMagic". easy concepts that we can all relate to!

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[Quote] it just gets boaring glitching, especially on ur own. sitting just pressing r1 with a flamethrower, i was just cooking food pressing r1 every couple of seconds. cant remember where i got to on my own without glitching, it took me a while to get the flamethrower from "help", so i must have been around round 15 or something before i had the flame thrower, raygun saved me before then!

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