they are being released in indonesia but it doesnt say where they will be sold.....

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search googe for "handbrake" its free and works perfectly

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yeah i got a pair of these on ebay a few months ago.

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i really liked the album. most of the tracks were ill

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i think hes dope. personally i think that would take hella work to put together a whole album like that, taking songs from many different genres, etc. his shits on point

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my senior year is too ill 1. off 2. off 3. golf (lol) 4. architecture 5. physics 6. sociology 7. us politics and problems (best class ive taken my high school carreer, basically a current events class where we discuss all the big issues in society these days) 8. off easier than 3rd grade hahaha

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5' 10"

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really dope, feelin it. who is it?

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mostly food. other then that im saving all i can because as soon as i start college next year my moms doesnt have my back on the money front anymore lol

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po po power trip?

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those are hella silly looking

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^^^ lol hardest ive laughed in a long time... I GOT BRACES YOU ASSHOLE SONS OF BITCHES!

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I Used To Love H.E.R. - Common The Park - Cunninlynguists Sunshine - Atmosphere Represent - The Roots Say - Method Man For Da Love Of Da Game - DJ Jazzy Jeff Daydreamin' - Lupe + Jill Scott Golden - Jill Scott Reflection Eternal - Nujabes the list could go on for days.....

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i think creative recreations are dope. i dont like this particular colorway though...

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