[Image] Still Mackin' Mack Scott (Executive Produced by KidGhost) The Still Mackin' EP is a prelude to Mack's upcoming debut free-album Rhythm & Bitches which is set to release in 2014. Heavily influenced by classic southern-pimp rap such as UGK, Outkast & 8-Ball & MJG, Still Mackin' is laced with a plethora of smooth soul samples & smooth flows to show more of a subtle side of Mack's nature. Enjoy Still Mackin' and look forward to RnB in 2014. -- Check this out y'all, it's the first project I've been the executive producer on, and I produced 4 of the tracks. There's also features from Corleone P and $aint Ros$.

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Fuggwit me y'all [Image] (Life and Times [Beat Tape] - 12/23/12) MORE AT MY SOUNDCLOUD AND BANDCAMP.

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[Embed content] I'll be posting them regularly so subscribe or whatever.

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Raided bout to be the new Ether'd. Cass MURKED dude. If you haven't heard it yet: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/cassidy-r-a-i-d-song.1162267.html

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[Embed content] Peep that smokeyface

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[Image] (click the picture)

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I'm working on a project and I could use your services. DM me if you're interested.

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[Image] This guy won't be local for long, I promise. If you need convincing, listen to track 5. --> http://www.hulkshare.com/tr4heu2d24g0 Download "Return of the Mack" - Mack Scott. --> http://www.mediafire.com/?1bvzjfi8mbzgpgc

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[Image] Euphoria EP - KidGhost Just a project I did around the middle of February. Put a good amount of time into it so I figured I'd release it online. You can either stream it below or download it by clicking the picture. http://soundcloud.com/kidghost/sets/euphoria-ep/

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http://t.co/TfZwq9Ph First leak off Phenom's "Return of The Mack" mixtape dropping 4/20. The track goes in the whip son. Follow the link, get your fix. #PurpleNakedLadies - http://t.co/TfZwq9Ph

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I figured it'd be dope if everybody posted videos of themselves or others freestyling or cyphering. Who got something? I got a few for yall. [Embed content] (this one is long)

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[Embed content] I don't know this girl, but some people I do know her. I just thought this deserved some shine, the video is really well put together and she's not half bad.

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[Image] http://hulkshare.com/56wyo1p00p0l The debut mixtape from Phenom! Dropped at midnight, download now. Hop on it now guys, dude's gonna blow. Fresh talent out of Baltimore, MD. Twitter's buzzing right now on this. #Phenomenal , catch the wave before the water wings. http://hulkshare.com/56wyo1p00p0l

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http://hulkshare.com/95fh2n4k3sm3 Fresh new talent. Jujuan Allen on the first verse, Phenom on the second and third. [i]Phenomenal Sounds[/i] drops this friday, November 4th. Don't sleep. Hop on the wave before you need water wings.

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I'm trying make an acapella of We On by Lupe and Gemini but its not going too well.

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