[Quote] Yo!!! this fucken facebook (where all the intelligent people converse, obv) post is so eye opening!! i had no idea cops had scouters like they  use in dragon ball z! Darren W . saw a black dude J walking, used his scouter, and immediately knew he was an "adult", was "high as a kite", threw gang signs, was in a convineance store moments before and also rapped very literal raps in his free time (just like every other rapper ever). wilson was so brave.he saw "Big Mike's" (such a scary nickname) power level. he knew Mikes power level was to high while he was on his knees and his hands raised. so he had to use the last resort and shoot him. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!! THESE SCOUTERS ARE FULL PROOF!!!! how else did police apprehend colorado shooter, james holmes, with no innocent bystander being injured?? #STAYWOKE

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whose with the shits? smokeyface

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heard in TheSmokingTire podcast one of the hosts who had a vw with that problem say its a mold thing

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[Quote] LMAO gay

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$26k for an auto loan (._ . ) I love my car but theres definitely days i wish i didnt wanna buy it. like days my boss is riding me (nh) for no reason. i miss the freedom of being able to jus walk out of a job with no real consequence

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shit turned out to be fake smh i wish it was true

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Yo while Red Wings look very swagalicious they fucken suck for actual work. My Sole is almost completely gone

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OE for the real niggassmokeyface I can drunk for less than $4 or spend ~$15 on a 6pack fo craft beer.  they both gonna fuck up my liver, get me fucked up, and givve me the shits the next morning ill pick up a 6er of some good shit every now and then but my go to is OE and i, proud to say it

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[Quote]YALL don't want it with an FrS in the canyons tho smokeyface

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[Quote]Ayyye good shit.  This was one of my choices when it came to buy a new car sooo clean but I had to go with RWDsmokeyface

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[Quote]Rivers is usually unaffected by pressure but being on youre 5th center and having Ryan Mathews, woodhead, Keenan Allen out idk how we made it to 9-7 alshon gonna be kill it but now he either gonna get the best corner or double covered with out Brandon Marshall on the other side

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[Quote]Bears are idiots. they refuse to acknowledge the real problem which is jay cutler aka the highest paid QB. so they trade away their best player(albeit a 30+yr old WR who spent last season injured) no one is gonna wanna trade for him. his salary is to high. Percy Harvin is a bum too. he's always injured and caused nothing but problems. thats not someone you want on your team, i mean really if you give Philip Rivers(full disclosure, im a chargers fan :^(   ...) Brandon Marshal, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte that is a top 3 offense

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I would place small packages of baking soda hidden in your room. Kinda like you would in your fridge. Sounds dumb but it would be cheap and very effective. Then I'd buy a window AC unit. You can get them for under 200 bucks at home depit(does ny have Home Depots???). They waste a lot of juice but a lot of them have a fan only setting so you're jus getting sir in the room not actual ac

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Without a doubt is crack open a cold 40oz of OLde English and jus watch videos on cars or basketball/football if there's no game actually on

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