All items are 9/10 condition. No flaws, each has been worn at least once or twice. CASH ONLY. [Image] - Navy Box Logo Tee - worn once, never washed - $165 shipped FIRM - Tan Leopard Camp Cap - pass as DS - $190 shipped OBO [SOLD] - Navy Paisley Camp Cap - pass as DS - $150 shipped FIRM.  Text 408 618 3010 for fastest responses. Meet ups in South Bay Area.

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Sold sold sold.

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All for sale. Roshes are size 8.5, DS with box, $90 shipped. PCL tee and Floral Shorts are both washed once, size Medium. Don't ask me how much, just offer.  Red Tropical Camp Cap is 9/10, no fading or cracks or stains. SOLD.  Pacific Camo Camp Cap is DS, $60 shipped all fees included. [Image]

Started by Supreme (Tropical PCL Floral), Roshe Runs (Team Red), 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Looking for a Red and/or Green Feathers. Mainly trying to buy both, but I have a few heat trades for Red. I NEVER ship first, but I have a few references on here, some FB pages, and IG.

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Natural Supreme Floral Shorts size Medium for sale. Highest offer is $175 shipped, planning on shipping out either today or tomorrow [Image]

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SOLD SOLD SOLD Got a Navy Supreme Floral Pullover for sale, size Medium. Floral Camp is NFS. S/O is $230 Gifted or $237 as Payment. BIN is $270 Gifted, $279 as Payment. I'll most likely take the highest offer within a few days. The condition is 8.5/10, only flaws being some light fading and a small tear right below the back left eyelet. I accept trades but highly prefer cash (don't pile on a bunch of shitty camps as an offer), but I don't EVER ship first. I don't care how many references you have, if you're not cool with shipping first, then don't offer a trade. [Image]

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Looking for size small (possibly size medium) apparel and hats. Mainly looking for 5 Strike hoodies, tees, tanks, and their 5 Strike 5 panel that they released a few years back.

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Blue Balloon Lodge: 9/10, S/O is $200 - SOLD. Navy Guatemala: Deadstock, $65 shipped (add 4% or Gift) [Image]

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Navy Floral shorts only, or PCL shorts. [Image] Got cash or a 9/10 Blue Balloon Lodge Camp Cap to trade if interested, I don't ship first.

Started by [WTB] Supreme Floral / PCL / Other All-over Print Shorts size Medium, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

My bad if this thread distracted you guys from the more interesting off-topic threads, but I figured since there's a lot of buying & selling going on here, you guys would be my best bet for help. Basically, I bought an item that wasn't sent, and I've escalated the claim to Paypal. No tracking number was provided, so it should go in my favor. What I wanted to know was: Would PayPal still be able to enforce the mandatory refund if the seller's account is unverified? Unverified means it isn't attached to his bank account, so I'm assuming that he would have to have funds in his account for the refund to go through, and, assuming that he's a smart scammer, he most likely withrdew all the money I sent him already. But yeah, the question is: Can Paypal enforce a refund from an unverified seller? or Does anyone know if Paypal holds paid money in the unverified seller's account until the buyer verifies "receipt of item"? Thanks and sorry; I know you guys hate questions.

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[Image] Brand new and shit. Comes in original bag. $45 firm unless you wanna go higher.

Started by Supreme Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain - $OLD, 2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

Never used, never opened. Pretty dope box, letting go for retail + shipping. Let me know.<img alt=" src="">

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S/O is $200 + shipping + 4%. BIN is $225 + shipping + 4%. Probably the cheapest price you'll find. Deadstock, never tried on. A friend needed cash so he sold it to me for retail. Not trying to rip anyone off, but I still want my money's worth. Hit me up with a private message if you're interested. Will only do local trades (South Bay Area), too many people scamming each other and shit. [URL]

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Let me know. Mainly looking for this season's Maroon or Black.

Started by [WTB] Supreme Loose Gauge Striped Beanie, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Taking offers. Won't go below retail, so broke high school kids, fuck off. Not really selling to make profit off these either, just trying to get my money back from items I don't need / wear, so go ahead and offer up. Meetups in the South Bay Area (CA). For Sale: DS Illest 5 Panel, Maroon - $40 Shipped [Image]

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