when the fuck are they fixing the sb

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Two of 'Em

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I haven't even posted in Off Topic in a while. Wuddupdoe?

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What the lick read? Here's what happened to me on Friday November 4th, 2011. (inb4 tl;dr) I was over at my bosses house working on some website/writing stuff for him. He owns a sports supplement company (similar to BSN, MuscleTech, Gaspari etc.). He's working on formulating a brand new pre workout energy drink. Him and I were working on getting the flavour right to properly mask the chemical taste of all the ingredients and make it taste better than Kool Aid. He's got a really amazing Research & Development (R&D) guy that works for him, and this guy is always on top of brand new ingredients and shit like that. On this particular product sample we were fucking with some ingredients that are brand new. Just approved for human use and never before used in a pre workout. We're among the first on the planet to try this stuff. So we mix up about 5 different versions of the drink before we get pretty close to what we want it to taste like. Each of us drink a little less than half of each drink. The shit tastes so delicious, it's just a perfect raspberry lemonade flavour. Fast forward 20 minutes. I'm just sitting down on my laptop, writing. He's in his office. He shouts at me "Yo KevBd, do you feel funny? I'm starting to sweat and feel kinda weird." I'm like "Nope, I'm good." So bossman goes and takes a shower while I keep working. Then he says he starts to feel worse so he goes and lays down for a bit. This is when I start to feel it too. Almost within like 5 seconds I start to feel three things: 1. Sweating profusely 2. Extremely cold 3. Extreme salivating So we're kinda getting worried and freaked out. I'm just drinking as much water as I can hoping that this is gonna help. But nothing is making a difference. Those three symptoms just keep getting worse. At this point I'm so cold I'm shivering, there's sweat dripping off my chin and nose, and the amount of spit my mouth is producing is just copious. Then the scariest symptom starts. My vision starts to get a little blurry off in the distance. At first I'm trying to rationalize that I've just been staring at a computer screen for too long and I'm kinda freaked out. But it keeps getting worse. So I tell bossman that I'm heading home because I feel like I'm going to die. He agrees with my decision, and also feels like he's going to die. I walk from his place to the downtown bus terminal, which is about 10 minutes, thinking this may help clear shit up. Nope. By the time I get downtown I can't make out the change in my pocket to pay for bus fare. So I run to the nearest place that sells bus tickets and buy a few. I know I'm paying with a $20 because it looked like a green blob and in Canada each denomination is a different colour. [Image]

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[Embed content] The video speaks for itself.

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What's your go to brand for your plain white tees? I don't even own any right now, that's why I thought I'd ask before I copped. I know a bunch of you dudes buy Kirkland ones, are those the house favourite? EDIT: added AAA.

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What's your go to brand for your plain white tees? I don't even own any right now, that's why I thought I'd ask before I copped. I know a bunch of you dudes buy Kirkland ones, are those the house favourite?

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[Image] That border. What would you call that? I'm trying to find something as close as I can to that, but I have no idea what to search for. You get 100 Internets if you help.

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I was talking with one of my friends about rocking beat up kicks the other day, and I thought I'd consult the HB Fam to see what they think. Do you keep all your kicks clean and spotless? Do you think beat up shoes can be integrated into a fit if it's done properly? I personally think that a pair of old weathered shoes can add an interesting detail to a fit. I've got a pair of Nike Tokis that have quite a bit of <i>patina</i> and I think they go great with some of my gear. What do you guys think?

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[Embed content] Seriously low quality video, sorry. All I know is that seeing DMX on stage again gave me goosebumps.

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So I'm flipping through the latest of issue of GQ, the one with Leo DiCaprio on the cover. I lost my shit when i saw this: [Image] blinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyesblinkyeyes

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Sorry if there already is one. If you aren't up on Forte, he's ill. His new EP dropped today, "Some Dreams Never Sleep." I haven't listened yet, but I already know it's fire. [URL] [Image] 1.) BLACK SOUL feat. BIG K.R.I.T 2.) MOST HIGH feat. DROOP-E + CASEY VEGGIES 3.) BURN ME DOWN feat. TYGA 4.) POPPIN BOTTLES feat. GET BUSY COMMITTEE 5.) HOT (In This Bitch) feat. JIM JONES + PUSHA T 6.) ETERNAL 7.) BLACKIN OUT with MALUCA 8.) I BE (On My Chill) 9.) BLACK CHUKKAS [REMIX] feat. ASHER ROTH + BUN B 10.) FEEL ALIVE feat. BRIAN UNDERWOOD 11.) HELLO feat. THE KICKDRUMS

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how the fuck does supreme not have a wikipedia page yet?

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