So I work at Chick Fil A inside of a mall in Plano Texas and up comes Big Black and Bam Bam to take an order. Big Black went to sit down with his baby daughter so I couldn't talk to him but I got a chance to speak to Bam Bam and he said they'll have a show coming out on fox later this year. I wanted an autograph but Bam said Black doesn't like to be bothered about that stuff when he's out with his daughter. Just thought it was strange to see them in a low class mall. I just put Big Black in wikipedia and found out he lives in Allen Texas now which explains why he was there, just wanted to tell you guys about it it made my day.

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As the title says I'm looking for a pair of taxi cabs grass green with white in a size 9 in ds or near ds condition, let me know if you got some you're willing to let go.

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If anyone is interested pm me an offer, thanks for looking [Image]

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I don't know if this is in the right section, but what the hell is up with, I'm getting mixed attention about it and I just want a clear cut answer about them and their bussiness before I buy; good site to buy from or scammers? I'd appreciate the help.

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I wanted a shirt and e-mailed them about it awhile back and they said they didn't have my size but it was listed on the size, so I'm guessing they don't update there sizes on the site. Anyone else had this problem?

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Ok so I bought a Stussy Paragon tee and it seems like the length of the shirt is true to size except the sleeves are freaking long, is this with all the Stussy tees because I plan on buying the splatter city tee as well. Does anyone know if its only the paragon tee that is like that because of the material or what because I noticed when they had it on the stussy site it said it was made from a jersey type of material and it was more expensive than their other tees. Also, how do Stussy hoodies fit? Any help would really be appreciated, thanks.

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So I was looking in this months XXL magazine and I saw an article of LRG/Grand Hustle baby tree hoody and a LRG/GOOD hoody, just thought I'd mention even though this will probably get LRG hate responses. [Image]

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noticed that cmonwealth is now selling 10 Deep's DVSN line..

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I was watching videos of him on youtube and hes hilarious.

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This site has them for probably the best price. [URL]

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If so, hows shipping and customer service?

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Does anyone know any promotional codes for digital gravel? I'm about to order something and it would help me a lot, thanks in advance.

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Black and white 10 Deep Crack at Get it while you can! Copped mine in white medium, still debating on if I should eBay or not.

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I remember someone mentioning these in one of my other threads. Check em' out: [Image] If you do happen to like these you can find them on for $72 bucks.

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Since people debate over this all the time, with a show of comments how many of you buy shirts, hoodies, etc. just because its limited or don't give a shit and buy it because you truely like it? Personally the brand doesn't matter and I buy whatever I like because its how you wear it. Where I live is a small city in the suberbs of Dallas, so when I wear my shit everybody has to take a glance at my gear because its nothing they've seen and because people think they're fly around here when they wear some 3xl Kanji hoodies and fape hoodies with some tall tees from Foot locker.

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