tee is vans

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keeps me warm and dry mostly

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[Image] more at [URL]

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[Quote] I've had the outsider for about 3 years now. Great bag just wish you could switch shoulders.

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The ps1 startup is some of the best sound design ever.

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[Quote] Yes. Working out your body is good for your mind.

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It's probably hand done by an artist.

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this gonna be good

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The rents n shit are pretty bad. Unless you plan on rooming with someone it's alright. But since you're coming from the bay it won't seem so bad.  I love living in the city it's great. It's growing quick and genetrafcation is happening everywhere which has its pros and cons. I see lots of heorin use going up, shit is sad. But you'll only see that if you're in the wrong neighborhoods.  If you plan on communting into the city it sucks. Traffic is shit and it doesn't help that there is construction on just about every block. Public transportation isn't so great but it is there... For the most part if you have time, the city (downtownish) is pretty walkable.  Like Shiba said, it's a small city but lots of things to do if your into outdoors. The nightlife is eh.. lol I don't go out much cause I'm not into that crowd but when I do I usually go out on capitol hill (where I live) mainly because I'm too lazy to get a taxi or whatever to other neighborhoods. Also just walking into a store and copping weed like it's beer is pretty dope.

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seattle is a good spot but rents are going up like hell. (thnx amazon) if you like doing outdoor shit but kinda close to the city, issaquah is prob you best option.

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20 21 22

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