anything new from Blu Jay Electronica Kid Cudi and i want K-Os to come out with something new he is always impressive

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anyone out there have any pictures or info on the petite standards? i bought a pair of NC's and sized down 2 and they are still way too tight around my thighs and i think i might buy some petite standards. also, are all APCs 34" lenghth? i can't find anywhere online that has any length shorter

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i work at the american apparel on mill (im the only black guy in there) and the scottsdale store sounds like it is going to be pretty incredible...for any of you living up in scottsdale or anywhere near you should apply, they need kids who have had retail experience but if not they will train its a chill ass job...anyway i think we should have a AZ hypebeast meet up or party or something, i want to see some of you fools not just your words haha

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shrooms drank partied broke up with year long gf (hard but necessary) chilled with homies made new friends got a promotion at work spent A LOT OF MONEY got a new spot and a fixie typical college kid ish...

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never been alone but i think it would help don't have to wait on your drunk *****s hittin' on ugly bitches but... you miss your drunk *****s hittin' on ugly bitches

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ok, so im just looking for a site or anywhere that just sells plain snapback hats like red, blue, white, black and some neon ones if possible... anyone?

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i need the backstory cause that dude flew at least 3 feet

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well if your going to be in scottsdale check out king and duck, it is in scottsdale fashion square they stay stocked on hundreds, 10 deep and crooks and High Pointe, its like across the street from king and duck they are a sneaker store plus when i was there the dude was really helpful

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"he may have street cred, but i got gated community cred" I lol'd

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High Pointe has the air max 1, air trainer and the air force 1 Clark Kent edition i copped the air max 1 plus the dude who was working was mad helpful

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only time im boxed in is when the roofs on the SL

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^ papoose murdered that remix

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busted ass for the first time on my fixie yesterday, my knee is a little bruised up but i can't let the cannondale down and not ride her! it's like 110 in PHX today so i basically sweated buckets riding to and from school.

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[Quote] well sadly, online is going to be your best bet unless you have a car or some mode of transportation. I am going into my 3rd year at ASU and King and Duck is the only spot i actually physically go to, i want to check out covet and high pointe but no car smh you know where your going to be staying on campus?

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well i go to ASU and im telling you the best thing to do is order online i mean King and Duck is cool but im just not a big fan of the place...i want to go to covet cause a dude a worked with raved about the place so i might have to make a trip up there where you going to be staying at on campus or off?

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