Boat shoes and toms.

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Hi, selling these duckboots from Steve Madden in size 9. They are like a ll bean duckboot sneaker hybrid. I wore them once or twice but I don't really wear sneakers so these gotta go. I normally wear size 9 in boat shoes and 9.5 in sneakers and these fit me perfect. Paid $100+tax. Like new condition. Includes brown and red laces and original box. $60 shipped. I have 100% feedback on ebay under my username "craiglista" I also have a lot of positive feedback on selling forum under "kensington". [Image]

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Jordan 4. That's the only one I like.

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Maybe a digital SLR with HD video capability.

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Probably sperrys. socks and boat shoes is a no-no.

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The Oliver Peoples Riley and Gregory Peck are similar to these too.

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The shirts I don't care about or wear under something I fold. My favorite shirts I hang. Collars don't get stretched if you put the hanger in from the bottom. Also if the fabric is delicate enough to get stretched on the shoulders then use extra wide hangers for suits/jackets. It would be almost equivalent to wearing the shirt in terms of gravity pulling.

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Button down, chinos, and some type of moccasin type shoe.

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Ralph Lauren.

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Lately I've been buying a lot of my shoes from David Z in NYC. They use some nice leathers on their shoes sometimes. Otherwise I buy from random websites.

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I'm not really diggin either of them.

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It depends on the material and how many shoes I'm circulating through out the week.

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Toms shoes just look like slippers. -____-

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Colder months - chinos, bluchers, oxford shirt, tie warmer months - chino shorts, oxford shirt, boat shoes

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