i do not agree that 10 deep has become another mall brand. To me, 10 deep still remains relatively underground compared to other urban brands out there which you can find at macy's and such. Unless you're talking about boutiques and their increased inventory, i do not know what they're talking about. Yes, you do see these brands being rocked on TV and in day to day exchanges, but that is inevitable seeing as how nothing hot stays underground for very long. Think about the millions of people who were outraged when Nigo made it big and they couldn't cop their T-shirts out on the street and now have to pay a gazillion percent more. All i'm saying is that you're not the only person in the whole world that knows about small time brands, people are going to wear what you wear, accept the compliments you get and move on. Its only clothes.

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yea, definitely 10 with the hoodies. I wasn't impressed with any of the C&C hoodies when i saw them in person, the dewels one i thought would be better, but i was a little disappointed. i loved most of the 10 deep hoodies so far. so im going to say 10 deep, but things change season to season.

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the puma x evisu collabs must be different then cuz you need to get one size larger than you normally wear with those, but iono about the reg. evisu. just go and ask the attendant if you can try them on before you buy.

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haha hell yea you will get jumped for wearing this stuff...we might as well go out wearing white robes on with a full zip front with two holes for the eyes...

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i think at true in walnut creek had it for 145 if i remember correctly, all the other hoody's were 135. what surprised me was how thin and small it runs. i would suggest to go one size bigger than normal.

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^^ that's interesting...yea the grey crack hoody is fire. i wish i could get that but maybe some of the other sites will get theirs soon too. The only thing i've ever ordered was the chris farley freshjive Tee, but seriously, why even check that site anymore? not like i can order anything i like anyway. ha...sadness.

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yea cuz im sure lupe is better than chingy...

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i love the chris farley shirt much more.

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damn, i need to make more money. 1st and 4th one fa sho. i love crewnecks, someone says they reminded him of the 90's...man i grew up in the 90's!! flashback!!! (yes i did rock them in the 90's, mickey mouse hahah)

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yes, even though i haven't bought anything from LRG in a while i definitely concur...LRG surely is not gay. maybe metrosexual.

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damn i hope none of you guys want the pink ones, haha the union 97's and this is mine!!! well, when i get payed... smh

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will they drop the dog hoody colors in a few weeks as well? i already saw the reversible shirts on cmonwealth already so it should be soon right? im kinda hoping they give us a lil time, i need to save for 320 now!...smh

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OMG, when is that L&D dropping? anytime now? damn whats the retail on that?

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yea, these hoodies are fire man. real thick, the large isn't as big as other hoodies but still very fine to me. the sars masks sort of hang over your ears with the strings. i never got a tracking number either, but i still got it pretty fast. i almost want to get the black one now.

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