As fuel efficiency is your major concerned then, I would advise you to go for Japanese cars. As these cars are known for its fuel efficiency and reliability, also these cars are easier to work on and the parts are easily available. I would suggest you to go for Honda Civic or Toyota Yaris. I too, recently bought the later one from [URL] and so far, I am pretty satisfied with the car

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Well, instead of swapping, why don’t you go for engine modification? As it would help you to save your money as well and you will get a much better performance with the same one. However, you can look for some rebuilt engines that would best suit your requirements and expectations at [URL].

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I too agree that at this price point, you can check some Japanese cars like some Hondas, Toyota and similar ones. Also these cars are reliable and fuel efficient ones. A friend of mine recently bought a used Civic from [URL], they have millions of used vehicle in their inventory. You could check them out to find the one that best suits you.

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I agree with the other fellow members, that you should go for Audi A4. Although it is true that, these cars are expensive and needs high maintenance cost. But if you can afford, go for it. Also, what you can do is, just check out inventories of some [URL] that deal with these cars. I am sure you will be able to locate one there.

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Well, I think 9K is pretty low to get certified pre-owned genuine and reliable cars and that too with low miles on it.  But nevertheless, I think you should check out inventories of [URL] online that deal with certified used cars. There are fair possibilities that you will get a pretty handy deal.

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I am very glad to let you all know that, I got my very first car recently, just few months back. My father gifted me a pre-owned Honda civic, which he bought from an [URL]. Being a college student, I was in need of a car and now planning to get another one very soon.

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Well, so far I own three cars. One of them I purchased new and rest of them, I bought used from an  [URL]. All of them I bought in cash, however, it depends on ones financial capabilities. I would suggest you to get in touch with some online dealers buying and selling used cars, as I am sure they will help you out with this.

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All of the brands mentioned are giants and well renown in the world of automobiles. It is very difficult to pick one out of them as all of them are German cars. However, it depends on the model of the brand and the price range. This thread reminded me of a similar situation that I was facing, while looking for a used German car and finally after analyzing everything. I finally bought Audi A4 from [URL] as it suited my budget as well as requirement.

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As you are looking for some mid size luxury SUV’s, I would recommend you to have a look at these vehicle, I found them as per your requirements and these are Range Rover Sport Porsche Cayenne Lincoln MKX and Audi Q7 However, you could check out several [URL] for some other vehicles as well

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I would suggest you to go in for a Civic, as I did the same and bought one a few months ago from [URL]. It came in an excellent condition well within my budget with less than 30 K miles on it. However you can also consider conducting a Google search to find out some other brands and models which meets your expectations and suits your budget.

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I agree with the other fellow members that, it strongly depends on your finances. Although if you are getting a good deal on a used car then there is nothing wrong in purchasing a used vehicle. A few months back, my elder brother gifted me a used Civic which he purchased from [URL] and so far I have not faced any sort of problems with it.

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