[URL] A little over $100, probably can find cheaper somewhere else but worth it. I go to a University and it fits all my big ass books and laptop.

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[URL]) for $40 with [B] free shipping [/B]. [Image]

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I'm trying to buy a few stuff from pickyourshoes.com but whenever I add an item to the shopping cart it brings up an error page. Is anyone else having this problem? This is the page that pops up: [Quote]

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Damn who ever produced this blend is sick

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The 360 has a bigger and more competitive online community. But PS3 got free online play, not as much players but still big enough haha System wise the 360 crashes too much and then u gotta send it in and shit. But 360 has some better online games. I personally have the PS3.

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Check this shit out, and at the end of each video he spits freetsyles like Lil Wayne...but better. Wouldn't be surprised if he ghost writes for Weezy either haha THA WEEZY CHRONiCLES: CH.1 - [URL]

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[URL] has Wii Sports Resort game w/ Wii Motion Plus for Nintendo Wii for $40 ($39 w/ DPA) with free shipping. If paying with Dell Preferred Account (DPA) you may save an extra 3% here is how: 1. During checkout, select Credit Card as method of payment 2. Click "Change Payment Type" 3. Click "Choose" link under Credit/Debit Card (again) 4. Under "Save 3% with Dell Preferred Account! (Discount applied at Final Checkout)" click "Click Here to Take Advantage of this Offer" link 5. Click "Choose" under "I already have a Dell Preferred Account" if you have one, or sign up for a new one if you don't 6. Checkout, enjoy your 3% savings [Image]

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The gas station. No matter how rich a female is, or sexy they gotta go pump gas once in their life time haha

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Why do the Hiero Head Canvas look smudged? Or is it just cause of how the photos turned out?

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Morning, Afternoon, or Evening? Or does it not matter?

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beemp3.com 2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/

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Yeah Macy was having some Stussy shirts up to like 40% off a few weeks ago. Try to check that out. Bought me 1 for $10

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