5 guys to in n out is apples to oranges fam. In n out shines because it costs mcdonalds money for high quality. No gimmicks bare bones fast food. 5 guys is the kinda fast food a Panera bread or chipotle is (side note if you live out west and eat chipotle I can't make sense of you, real Mexican food is all over the damn place for dirt cheap). And as an east coaster id rather eat in n out over 5 guys, the novelty is an experience in itself, and the toppings are fresher and less sloppy. 5 guys can't fuck with animal style period. Only thing five guys has on in n out is better fries and some might give a fuck about the thicker patty, but it costs twice as much, and if I want to go all out and get a thick juicy burger and amazing fries why the fuck would I get some generic mid range shit like 5 guys? Hit the counter up and do it right. And on the east coast why the fuck would I go to 5 guys when shake shack shits on their burgers? Plus Boston has local 5 guys style burger joints that shit on 5 guys, tasty burger and b good just to name a couple. I actually like 5 guys, but 5 guys < too many joints for me to go often. I only go if its a small town with nothing better honestly.

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Wrong website for this thread. HB is all about hyper social norms.

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hahaha holy shit I don't think this show has even crossed my mind in 15 years

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hahaha holy shit I don't think this show has even crossed my mind in 15 years

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Marrying just for sex would be crazy, that's a partnership, sex wont help pay bills, sex wont hold down the fort, sex wont make that person good, or even tolerable to interact with when they aren't fucking you. Good sex is one of many important aspects of a relationship. Sex is one of the most important things in a relationship for me, but I also know its foolish to bank on. What if wifey gets a pussy injury, or you eventually develop erectile dysfunction at an older age? You gotta find that ride or die who holds you down for who you really are and doesn't serve you petty bullshit, and she needs to know how to handle the D. If that's not operating properly just stay fuck buddies don't waste your time committing to a hassle just cuz the pussies good. I wouldn't want one without the other, for example, lady friend could be great in many ways but if shes not a freak in the right ways its not gunna be a compatible connection. Sexual chemistry needs to be on point.

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[Quote] Sus to be this insecure with your manhood. Shit has good acting and interesting characters, its about human beings lives shit isn't a housewife cat fight reality show. I was diggin the show but the ending was type corny to me, and the special effects were on some OG robocop level weakness (but robocop is goat cuz shits hilarious dont get me wrong)

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Young boys on here been believing all the lies society fed you. All this misogyny is just modern day oppression. I don't have a problem with not wanting to wife because a person swapping that much body fluids and privacy is nasty to you, but shes still a human being, like how you gunna judge her character for some shit you'd high five your homie for? And why would you be so salty at a dude who makes a happy life with that person. We teach young girls their only value is their looks and sexuality and then we hate them for fucking dudes and being superficial. Its all posion and we are all a part of it. I know this isn't a popular opinion but lets spit some truth. And even if you don't wanna hear me out, you're wack and salty if you want to hate on another man and womans harmless happiness. Bare in mind this is comming from someone who wouldn't wife her either, im just not going to front on the reality of our social conditioning.

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[Quote]Damn dmwalking, I expected a more open minded response from you but at least youre honest. I agree, personally I could not date a pornstar, but slut shaming, while admitting your own personal desires to be a slut, seems like a really unfair oppressive way to put down another human being. In our society most men can't accept equality in a relationship because they are afraid a lack of dominance will hinder their manhood, but i personally think a secure male is able to have an equal human to human relationship.

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[Quote]Seems like a pointless thread, if two people really want to settle down and create a family, this will be the least of their worries. You think two people fall in love, and want to create a family and be together forever and say, oh wait, fuck it, lets take this whole relationship and potential family off the table because my child will have social woes. Why even have kids then? Theres so many circumstances beyound control. Your kid might turn out retarded, or ugly, or sexually confused, a social misfit. Living in this society alone makes it likely your child is going to be fucked, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are sexually assulted. With rape culture, violence, and captialism causing oppression most people don't even care to aknowledge there are a multitude of social issues to consider and your childs biracial status seems less significant to me. And besides that, more and more couples these days decide to settle down and not have children, a good thing in my opinion.

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[Quote]You can fix that by not being superficial as fuck.

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Men in skirts is fucking lame, and men being concerned about other men in skirts is even more lame.

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What would you guys know about how many women get raped? I'm not talking about alleyway attacks, im saying taking advantage of a drunk girl, fucking your gf when she says no but you think its cool cuz shes your gf type shit. And honestly, I know almost no girls who havent been raped. Most heads on here don't even really know any women on a deep level, period.

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