People in the queue got a lottery ticket before the store opened, so all 100 were spoken for already.

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These were up for sale at OriginalFake in Tokyo today. Sold out before the shop opened (only 100 available). They used the same 'lottery' method that they do at the Bape store to limit the disruption to traffic around the place. I managed to get one... looks pretty cool. Definitely my favourite out of the 4 colours currently available. They're already up on Yahoo auctions if anyone is interested in buying one at a massively marked up price (they retailed at 16000yen). Amazing how some people are selling a few of these, especially considering it was strictly 1 figure per customer. I guess they took a few friends with them. [URL]

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I'd love to, but I can't because : A: I flew out of Tokyo this afternoon. B: The store manager limits buyers to 1 figure per customer per day (I convinced him to let me buy 2 because I was leaving the country, and I wanted to get my bro one for his birthday) There weren't many people queued up (because the release date was a VERY well kept secret), so there 'might' be some left in the shop. I think they were limited to 100 in OriginalFake, but nobody really knows where else they're selling them (other than online in July), so this might be a very limited run. If you really want one, check out Yahoo Auctions.. there's a heap for sale there at double the purchase price already.

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They're here!! These dropped at OriginalFake in Tokyo today... I was the lucky first to purchase them (I scored 2 of them) OriginaFake are selling the brown ones at the moment, but a pink one will be coming soon! They also had some cool tee's with the same image that's on box (in shiny gold).

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