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You need to be educated in what you do...have some skill or talent...but: Ansel Adams, world-famous photographer. Dropped out of high school. Barbara Lynch, chef, owner of a group of restaurants, worth over $10 million, in Boston. Dropped out of high school. Charles Culpeper, owner and CEO of [B]Coca Cola[/B]. Dropped out of high school. Dave Thomas, billionaire founder of [B]Wendy

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Full zip hoodies and all over print shirts..... I also remember when Sports jerseys where huge about 5-8 years back. Throwbacks, Mitchell& Ness,.... I have no idea what i did with them. I also had Krew full zip Hoodie...dont know what i did with that joint either.

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Quick question..... Where any pinoys around in the late 80's in Cali when the skate scene was jumping off? What about NY, when the hip hop, breaking, Grafiti scene was geting big. or when the sneaker scene was all original. 89-94 ( before retros, ebay, resseling got big)

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wearin those tight ass skinny jeans. dem shits are gay. guy shouldnt want to show off they thighs and shit.These jeans are for girls!! and for these fag boys saying that peeps in the 80,s dressed like that with all kinds of loud colors and skinny jeans, flippy hats, they didnt. Check out pics from the book" a time before crack!!!! the fit didnt look gay. Bottom line is that the 2000 generation need to define its own style. contribute some kind of evolution. its been all throw back, [B]retro[/B], and BAD copy versions of 80's, 90's. From the style of dress to the [B]kicks.[/B]

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This cat is on strike 3! he's supposed to be doing some mandatory time. I hear people saying he deserves chances and shit, but this aint his first conviction!! A bullshit show, and some corny ass songs aint supposed to get you out of that kinda trouble. Peeps who know bout the system and how it works- please add!

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