Hey everyone whats good ? Can anybody do a bearbrick pick up for me ? No where around here sells em Just hit me up with a message ' thanks blushing

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Supreme is damn expensive its still one of my favrite brands though . If anybody wants to sell the latest book , knows any one selling it or is willing to do a pick up And post it too Australia please let me know . Im willing to pay good money . I need this book in my life its that simple . Also If any one Is selling Any Supreme New Era Cap Sized 7 1/2 And will post to Aus send me a message .. thanks

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I would say karmaloop. You save a fortune with rep codes .Also shit is so much cheeper then in Australia . Mishka flanno like 80 bucks . Online store down here thats like 200. Postage to Australia is good too

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Lynx and rexona untill i get my young ass a better job and can buy ralph lauren black

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Nice collections everyone. I will for sure snap a few pictures tomorrow after school of my collection and post tomorrow night . My collections at about 30 .My favrite would probley be my Yellow Supreme side logo or my Dgk kayo corp 'Thanks For the inspiration with Blood shot eyes. .

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No way man Save up for a g-shock or a nixon or something like that

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Would be nice to live large for a day like some of those celebs.

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Sorry In Advance to all forum heads for such a long and boring post

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I think i was made..... I remember i use to live in like super dooper hippy part of the world small school with like 50 kids and no uniform .And being in Year 4 and moving here and kids had dc's and etnies and all sorts of skate shoes and i wasnt killing it anymore. I had plain gross world industries shoes . Never had any brand name gear just cheep shit. I have always collected stuff from a young age, tazzos , Pokeomond cards, Bayblades, Yu-gi-oh. I got my first new era cap in grade 4 . And i guess it just made sence to collect them too always wanting to have something fresh and clean . No stores around here sold air forces or dunks or anything just plain dc's globes etc Was flicking though a skateboard magazine and it had a pair of Red Supra vaiders and i had a bunch of mixed emotions . Also alot of my mates or outher people i showed where like Yeah dope or nah gross . That arvo i went into town and a new shop had opend . Turns out first pair of shoes i seen on the shelf where those same vaiders my birthday was coming up and i had a little money so mum got em for me and i wore em to school everyday . Skated in em ,Played ball in them Everything everyday . I went home and googled supra. from that come up with sites like this one and sneaker freaker magazine and from that point on i was hooked . My collections still small . But im a working 16 year old my mums a single parent and works two jobs backto back . Its super rewarding saving and scraping up enough to buy a new pair . I wear all my shoes . I skate all my shoes . I was rotating all my sneakers untill kustom sent me out a package and now i just kick around in them for school . Its strange tho alot of the time ill just skate around barefoot in wet boardies and be a little surf punk and outhertimes I kick around in my dickies with my nikes laced up and just cruise. I think its good and im thankfull for having such a diverse mix of culture, influences and mates But Yes i hate kids that just buy the heaps coulurfull gross sneakers and think there killing it. or the swarms of kids that fang around the skate parks on the scooters wearing fake bape hoodies. .

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Well I have been up on supra for a wile Since early 8th grade(2008 ) . Like in march i remember that morning at school flicking though a skate magazine and i was like woah what the f*** are thay . Half the people i showed where hateing and the outher half thought thay where dope. That arvo i went into town and One mate was like GROSS and the outher was like there nice. Mum was like No No No and i was like Yes Yes Yes. Supra started my love for sneakers and alot of my favrites ride for them such as Tk and muska . The TK's and Skytopp twos are a bit much But i dont mind the lows and the vaiders . There a good change from all the ugly ass adiddas highs and fake bapes that kids around here wear. And i like em alot more then etnies or dc's.

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Im 16 and have 6 pairs I have worked my ass off for . 2x Supra Vaiders 1x Skytopps dunk highs a pair of dunks and a pair of blue chuckas . I also have some kustoms witch is an surf skate brand there pretty good to kick around witch i got sent to me from kustom . Soon as i buy this ticket for a music festival and get a few tatts. Im just goner work my but off for sneakers. I havent brought a pair in yonks smh

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I Dont think i could put up with having such a girly voice even if it ment a fresh pair of sneakers everyday of the week . On the skateboard thread im a member of some one posted videos of him trying to skate shits helerious

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blinkyeyes Damn those are ugly .Looks like some nasa space boot reject. No hate intended bro haha . How much thay set u back ? Thay would be hella comfy im guessing

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Those are nice

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Keen on mat' + Grey RSWD .... Pm me smokeyface

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