[Embed content] Worthless Mindz release visuals off of upcoming project. In Order Of Appearance - Defseven | Kahreh | Devon Johnson Directed/Shot by : WURF™ Creative | [URL] | All Love Appreciated | All Hate Appreciated . Niggas had alot of fun making this shit.

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[Embed content] [Image] I'm working on my second instrumental project and made a trailer for it comprised of some killer footage. Check it out and spread it , i would love some HB feedback. Thanks my niggas. HTTP://WORTHLESSMINDZ.COM

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[Image] Defseven (@InfectedDefsev) releases his debut mixtape BioDigital Jazz. This mixtape puts you in a futuristic world full of seduction , wreckage and enlightenment .Download [URL] and enjoy. [Embed content] HTTP://WORTHLESSMINDZ.COM COP DAT SHIT !!!! WORTHLESS OR YOU AINT WORTH SHIT !

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[Image] Kahreh (@Kahreh) drop’s a single from “Head in The Clouds” entitled ‘Infinite’. Download [URL]. Feedback Greatly Appreciated.

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[Embed content] Worthless Mindz member Devon Johnson (@DevonAintShit) preps the world with his debut album “W H E E L S” dropping Feb.19, 2013. http://worthlessmindz.com http://skiightimes.tumblr.com

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[Embed content] Collective Thought [@Kahreh & @DevonAintShit] release some visuals for "Liftoff" off of the mixtape "SKiiGHBound" which can be downloaded at [ http://worthlessmindz.bandcamp.com ]. Check it and leave , much appreciated, feedback. Thank You. HTTP://WORTHLESSMINDZ.COM

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Worthless Mindz Presents. [URL] release a track entitled "My Head" with production handled by Baauer. Check It Out. FEEDBACK GREATLY APPRECIATED. [Embed content] http://worthlessmindz.com . We Are The Concept.

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[Image] Worthless Mindz Defseven & Kahreh & Devon Johnson release a random song that probably isn't going on anything. Download it [URL]. Feedback and shit appreciated.

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[Embed content] I dropped a beat tape. Eva Mendez EP. DOWNLOAD at [URL]. Check it out and shit. http://worthlessmindz.com [Image]

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The homie @Meanwhile7 and I dropped a collaborative instrumental tape under the name 3rd World. 7 Beats. Check it out. Download it , Share. http://worthlessmindz.com. Feedback appreciated. [Image] http://the3rdworld.bandcamp.com <------ STREAM HERE. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @KAHREH.

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[Embed content] Worthless Mindz member Defseven (@InfectedDefsev) finally releases some visuals for "Based Love" off of upcoming mixtape BioDigital Jazz. Directed/Filmed/Edited by http://twitter.com/Kahreh & http://twitter.com/@Meanwhile7 & http://twitter.com/@DevonAintShit. http://worthlessmindz.com http://skiightimes.tumblr.com Peep.Share.Grazie.

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[Image] [Embed content] Worthless Mindz member Defseven releases another track off of his upcoming debut tape "BioDigital Jazz". Shit is super dope. Spread this shit around , hb. Grazie. http://worthlessmindz.com

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Yo Wuddup , A nigga From the mafia , Big Steve Actiive , released some visuals for his track entitled "Topic Of Discussion".His tape "So Actiive With The Wonderbread" is gonna be out shortly. http://worthlessmindz.com. [Embed content] manbearmafia .

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[Image] Worthless Mindz(http://worthlessmindz.com) member Meanwhile releases his self-titled debut. Filled with mind opening lyrics , ear busting production , and a shit load of godliness. The Full Meanwhile Experience DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING -> http://meanwhile7.tumblr.com AND DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING -> http://worthlessmindz.bandcamp.com/album/meanwhile http://worthlessmindz.com Music Videos From The Album. [Embed content]

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