Nike Air Max 90 Terra Sertig. I've worn these twice, give them a 9.5/10. Size 12. Selling $115 + shipping. Trades: III's or IV's, I'll add cash. Make offer on cash or trades, I'm open for anything. [Image]

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PM or post. Any colorway.

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Post or PM any BAPE you have in 2XL, and if by chance you have a Supreme joint that's old and rare enough to be 2XL also, post it. Interested in anything.

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I've worn this hat once around the house, wasn't too happy with it once I got it, haven't touched it since. 10/10. Wanting to trade preferably, but I'll sell it if I must. $80 + shipping. This is my first time selling/trading on HB so I have no feedback yet. Pics: [Image]

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PM or post. I need a size 12. [Image]

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Share with me.

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Most of the companies I shop from don't make past XL. Suggestions?

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Traded some vinyl records for it to a buddy of mine a while back, says his friend got it at the NY shop. I just wanna know what season/year it's from. Thanks. Sorry for the 3.2 megapixel photos: [Image]

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My bad.

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I'm wanting the white one they had for sale on the Watch the Throne tour, American flag on the front, and tour dates on the back. I can do a 2XL or a 3XL. Post or email me, Link to shirt: Thanks

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