Sold? I'm pp ready

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got more pics of the apcs?

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how tight was the 29 before it stretched to a 32?

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ughhh why cant they be sz 10.5-11.5?!?!

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Sz L 9/10 cond No Stains or anything. I have had for 2 years and have worn it around 9 times. Looking specifically for field pullover in Large or Medium or Heat Shorts or Outerwear. I can add as well. I have some refs too if you would like to check my legitimacy. I DO NOT WANT TO SELL, ONLY TRADE FOR HEAT ITEMS.  Text 3233085658 for pics or email

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So I ordered a pair of APC PS in sz 30 (sized down 2). These were preowned and the previous owner claimed to have worn them for about a month. There are no signs of fading at all, but they seem to be broken in pretty well, especially in the waist. The only problem I am having is that the calf area seems to be a little tighter than I expected. The taper is so tight to the point where it takes a few tugs to get my foot through. So my question is, will the below-the-knee area strech out anymore? Also, how long do APC's take to form to your body? Even though the previous owner said to have worn them for about a month daily, are they still able to form to my body or did they already form to his from his previous wear?

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would they fit a 32?

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Still got the APCs?

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just pmd you

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do have it on you?

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Gusset still available?

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jersey still available?

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I bought this jacket when it first came out, wore it once and realized it was too big for me. I am looking to trade for a size Medium in the same color and style. The jacket can basically be considered DS. I still have the original receipt and bag for authenticity. I can send pics if requested too. So anyone out there looking for a Large and currently has a size Medium, hmu.

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^ Lmao, please drop a bomb on his doorstep or something lol

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