Or is it just hype? It seems that every California thread i visit regardless of the forum, someone would say something about avoiding a certain area to prevent myself of getting shot by some eses? Is this true? because it seems like one big exaggeration.

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I heard a lot of people from Cali are starting to move out to places like Nevada,Colorado,Texas because of the job market. I know NY is expensive so i can only imagine how much CA is.

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Think about it boys. $20k-40k a year to go to a huge party school like Florida State University. (or some other party school for possibly less) You join a frat. Get to smash PRIME, YOUNG, college chicks. When will you ever get another easy opportunity in your life to do this again? The answer is NEVER. Ive heard so many people say college is one of the best times in your life, no stress, no responsibilities, etc. It can be considered a second childhood experience. No amount of money can buy that. I know that you may have to take out student loans if you dont get any scholarships, but lets face it, its worth it for a once in a lifetime opportunity. What is your opinion on blowing $20k+ a year at a party school?

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I always hear stories about these girls doing the wildest things with guys in fraternities but after looking at their facebook pages and seeing how innocent they are i find it hard to believe that they would commit to such acts. [Image] Is it true what they say?

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[Embed content] Thirsty ass black men ruin it for all of us :facepalm:.

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I can't see myself paying 3k a year and I'm just curious as to how others do. Did most of your friends go out of state or stayed in?

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Ahh, you Cacs just can't stop Cac'ing huh? "Posted: Jan 20, 2014 9:53 PM CST Updated: Jan 21, 2014 6:06 AM CST By Greg Argos - email TEMPE, AZ (CBS5) - A representative for Arizona State University said school officials have suspended Tau Kappa Epsilon's chapter operations while they investigate an unregistered Greek event that has many on campus offended. Pictures from the event, coined "MLK Black Party" by the group, show members and guests dressed in basketball jerseys, flashing gang signs and even drinking from watermelon cups. "This isn't appropriate at all and you really have no business dressing like this on a day that's sort of revered for African-Americans," said ASU senior Frank Hogan after seeing some of the pictures. "I think this represents the ignorance that still exists today. This is just one example of the kind of things that occur here," stated Kaajal Koranteng, also a senior. A spokesman from the local chapter, who would only identify himself as Cole, would not comment on the party or investigation. Rather, he told CBS 5 News to contact the national organization for TKE. "We are aware of the situation. We have been contacted and we have been in contact with the local chapter and the university," explained Patrick Gleason, the director of Compliance and Housing for the national organization, based out of Indianapolis. "I'll be meeting with the school as well as the local chapter, as I said, to really flush out the details of this incident and get a full scope of what occurred," he continued. Gleason said he is traveling to Arizona to meet with school officials Tuesday. This latest incident is not the first time the ASU TKE chapter has been in trouble. They were just reinstated as a fraternity in December after being suspended for inappropriate conduct, including a fight that injured one student. "We have been in contact with the chapter and have been working with them to helpthem get back onto campus," said Gleason in reference to the previous suspension. It's unclear whether this latest incident will lead to another suspension. "They obviously need to be checked on what they're doing, how they're acting and how they're presenting themselves. Not only as a fraternity of brothers, but as people," said Hogan. Copyright 2014 CBS 5 (KPHO Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved" [Image] [URL] It's like a genetic you guys have that makes you naturally racist.

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It seems like every majority black forum i post on there's always black guys beasting over white girls and claiming how the want them. Why are you guys so obsessed ?

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Why do you think we're here?  What purpose do we serve being alive?  I want some honest opinions.

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I want to get the 'college experience' and earn a degree that actually holds some value at the same time. I was thinking about ASU, what do you guys think?

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I'm not sure if you guys ever heard of this chick but i just wanted to share. This chick's body is [Image]

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Just curious. I noticed that a lot of men become enraged when they hear or see one of "their" girls dating another race. Guys will say the most pitiful things to make themselves sound less inferior. "shes a slut" "shes not even hot haha" "shes only with him because he has money" "self respecting(race/ethnic) would never date out" "she probably has mental issues" So my question is, why do guys get mad when a girl from their race dates another?

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Anyone got any? I need some fap material.

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I think i dun goofed. I applied to a school and they asked me to pick two majors, a second one just in case i don't get into the first one. I got to the submit/pay your application fee page and i forgot that my mom had a problem with her card at the time. So i said fuck it and left the page, little did i know that my application was already submitted even though i didn't pay the fee. The next week my mom sent a money order and told me to apply again with the same information, i did but an error popped up that said that I've already submitted an application using the same info and that i had to activate my account on the school's website just to check my status. I also picked two undecided majors this time just to be sure that i can get into the university it self. So i activated my account and it said "Processing/Pending" but it still had the same old major from the week before and now i feel like shit because this major has more stricter requirements. I called the school and asked them what my majors were and they said they're both undecided, idk if it was from when tried applying again with the same info or what. But they said it's not going to change on my account until i get admitted.

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