Nothing that haven't been said already. First thing I thought of when I read thread title was Kobe V and VIs. They are very comfortable and supportive. Don't know if you'll like them for long periods of time but you'll adore them for balling. Best ball shoe I've ever owned.

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Generally some nice Nikes (primarily Dunks, Jordans and Air Max). Sometimes a boot if feeling up for it. Depends on the outfit but that usually works out ok for me.

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Dunk SBs lows have generally been the most comfortable. Not too heavy and has good cushioning, especially Dunks with the stuffed tongue.

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I try to not wear the same pair on consecutive days but I have worn my black Auto Flights the most. It's a pretty casual office environment so I don't need to wear anything dressy.

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[Quote] Did you just buy it after I mentioned it or do you already have one? Would like to know how they are because I'm tempted to get one. The Barsony stuff is generally for heavy duty use like for holstering other goods, that's why I bought it. We'll see how it fares once I put it through some usage. I plan on using it every chance I can to see how it ages and looks with wear and tear.

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All the stuff here looks great. The Tanner's and Corter definitely looks great, was thinking about it myself. I haven't seen any posts of it in the past few pages but I just bought a saddle tan belt from Barsony leathers on eBay (username is barsony714, can't post links yet because of post count). They have a lot of pictures showing they're products and they look good. I came across another one too. I can't post the link again but the eBay username is "orionleather". They seem to have some pretty good stuff as well judging from the pictures. I also googled "orion leathers" and apparently the seller used to have an Etsy store. Guess she moved her store sales to eBay, but she has pictures of the belts she has sold and they look really good. I'm thinking of purchasing a natural one from here. These ain't as expensive as Tanner's but seems like they are still pretty well made. Sellers also seem to be in the business of leather goods so that's a good thing. Can't wait to get my saddle tan belt from Barsony. Very tempted to get the natural one from Orion also. Anyone order from these sellers?

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