I only post my own pictures..

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Dior 19cm MIJ size 29.. This is almost a months wear. [Image]

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do you still have the jordan 6s ?

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how much are you looking to get for them ?

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[Quote] They call me the 501 Don Mr. know he got a pair of 501's on ...

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Love it. &) [URL]

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Couple months, not much yet. [Image] I was thinking about going to get a pair of [U]black[/U] new standard's.. Anyone have any pictures of how they might fade?

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Deffintly my biggest LV pick up with month.. Ill be sure to post some pics of the rest of my stuff. [URL]

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Ride my ducati 848 almost everyday.. Couldn't be happier with the bike. Its an 08 with low miles and plan to keep it for a long while blushing

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hod damn you got a legit ass girl... The LMs are a classic. You can NEVER go wrong with them. Props to your girl, and props to you for finding one thats down to mod her m3 lol

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I had an 02 e46 m3 for about 2 years and had a great time with it... But then again my buddy had a 335 chipped with catless downpipes and it was a fuckingggg monster. They defiantly dont handle as well but they can be serious freeway monsters. Really depends on what you want. is a great place for m3 info. GL on with the new car.

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Only watched a episode or two but the kid seems nice enough... Trying to do the right thing

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