[Quote] Basketball stars are not cool, they're retarded crack heads who are all like "egga muffin?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJTb130GR0E

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I don't get it, seriously.

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Mitchell and Ness over saturated the market, I see year old M & N snaps going for about ten bucks, they made too many styles and too many of each hat. Seems like you young bols are going to 5 panels, I'm a 24 year old G though so I think I'm going back to fitteds, as much as possible anyway, fucking New Era and their custom account owners are still dropping a lot of heat in snaps only, wiggidy wack.

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The problem is the ones that are limited are too limited, try getting a pair of Jardan 11's. [Quote] The retros are the only recent things coming out, not at all the problem, in fact I'm dying for some Nike David Robinson's, Reebok Kemp's and Shaqnosis'.

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Sneaker sites are calling these grapes, but that looks a lot more like plum than grape to me so I'm saying these are more Mighty Ducks than Charlotte Hornets, anyway they're saying they're only dropping in grade school sizes, we must raise hell and get these released in men's. [Image]

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LOL at 200 pounds being a fat guy, if you're worried about it try basketball jerseys, 90s shit, try ebay or Mitchell and Ness has shit loads of dope sublimated 90s jerseys dropping next month. If you must go with a cotton tank try to stay away from anything ribbed.

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Bitchy, bitch, want to have very violent sex with her. [Image]

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Fuck is the deal with this shit? I saw somebody posted a picture of a black teenager in new york in tight vintage acid wash jeans and an acid wash sleeveless cut off jean jacket, there was something else gay about it too, can't find the pic, anybody want to post any pictures of these cats and laugh? I have a feeling this will totally take over with teens within the next year.

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