Here's a treat for you guys. Q and Not U [URL]

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Some good shit in here! Here's some more of my favorites Off Minor [URL]

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fuck I haven't hearede SOA in a while. I ust to have a shirt with the print in the you tube vid

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I just got a pair of these and I really like the so far. It's my first pair of Raw Denim in a while. I've had everything fron Somets to Ironheart to Apc and Nudie, but I'm really digging the fit and feel of these. Has anybody had any experience with these? If so how were they? Like I said I haven't had raw denim in awhile so I've forgotten a few things. They're a bit long on me now and I want to hem them, but I'm scared that when I soak them they'll shrink and be to short. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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Can anyone hook it up with a link please?

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Linkin Park, Aerosmith, Velvet Revolver?!?! Come on guys. The Stones Zepplin Beatles Ramones The Who

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The song could've been much better in my opinion. The chorus is cool, but Jay-Z isn't that great on it, especially his opening verse

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Was there an episode yesterday? I missed it and its not on my on demand

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I've said it from the beginning in most the Soulja Boy threads the guy is half retarded, but he can write a hook and make a dope beat. It would be interesting to see Kanye go on one of his beats. Could really work. On the otherhand Souljah on a Kanye beat sounds like it'll be horrible. It's funny there's not that much hate since Kanye's name is here

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Here's some shit for you guys. Listen tothem trust me! The Pains [URL]

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[Quote] True, but I have to admit that I atleast give all those bands that are an 8 or higher a listen. I've found some good music through them and alot of shitty music too.

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[Quote] I'm not good at sensing sarcasm on the internet. Are you kidding? If not, you're an idiot

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New shit I've been liking is: Major Lazer Woods The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Grizzly Bear Tokyo Police Club Tigers Jaw

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The pics say it all. These are VVVNDS and awesome shoes. Most comfortable AF 1s I've ever had. 10.5 [Image]

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Yaphet Kotto! Totally forgot to mention them. Did you hear about the Portraits of Past, Swing Kids reunion show?

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