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one of my two roommates is gay. hes cool, mostly me and my other roommate chill and smoke weed together and bro out and all that and he keeps to himself a lot of the time. when he does chill with us though hes pretty funny and he calls people faggots in an ironic joking way. i go to art school at which there are more gay guys than straight so ya i have a lot of gay friends and im pretty used to it by now. there is the weird trend going on now though where all the gay guys dress and act straight and like overly masculine bad boys and base a lot of that shit on me and my straight roommate. i went to my cousins graduation party the other day and he said his dad was "gay" and for a second i forgot people still used it like that and i thought he was saying his dad was actually gay. laughed pretty hard.

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put it in an tell her to fart on it

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dont even remember that nigga

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yo this one time in kindergarten this big kid with down syndrome started beating on me and i didnt know what to do cause i didnt want to fight a kid with down syndrome so i just let him beat me up it was weird.

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cut your hands off and then you will have much motivation for having sex with females

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[Quote] you are like ape but less funny and more of an annoying asshole so i dont see why your talking. also you swagjack ghostface harder. boom roasted ape get a job and then paypal me some money im tryin to cop these [Image]

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waiting on some results to see if i got cancer, if i do i think its like a 40% chance ill be dead in 5 years.

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i just saw this today. and it was like just a couple hours after there was a driveby on my block where theres tons of kids outside all the time.shit is fuckin disgraceful

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girls dont like guys who dont eat cheese anyway. cheese>bitches

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the fuck is up with the kaws hype?dudes been around for like almost 20 years. i remember seein his stuff in a museum in like 4th grade, and it wasnt mush different from his current stuff. just wonderin why he seems to be blowin up so hard right now

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the ladies luv bacon flavered jizz

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id still consider rockin the rasheed wallace ones on occasion

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im from cincinnati right across the river from kentucky. its a big state, different areas are different, mostly what ive seen is just big ass suburbs and then when you get deep in there its farms and stuff. then theres appalachia. also look out for the blue people [Image]

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