[URL] Some friends and I launched this recently and are just going to ride it out 'til the heat dries up, so to speak. There's a few things on there some of you might want to check out.. (true blue 3's (2001), patent 1's, sb's, etc. etc. etc.). Vintage starter snap-backs and vintage starter parkas will be uploaded soon as well. Thanks for looking! - J.

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I know most of y'all don't care... but just so the mods and anyone that knows me are aware: Apparently someone I know in real life or possibly KT_ or something are taking time out of their lives (obviously they have a lot of dedication and time on their hands) to impersonate me. It seems the mods have already banned the guy 3 times, and I thank them for that, but when he comes back on another alias, just know that it's not me. I'm the real Jesse Johnson and whoever that guy is, is just really into strange forms of flattery... ..now back to your regularly scheduled program... -Jse

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I don't want to keep starting whole threads to ask simple questions so here's this idea... Use it if you want to clog up the board less. (Threads like this one could be avoided: [URL])

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[Image] for more: [URL]

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Just trying to get some new stuff on my iPod... who were you feelin' in 2008? What were your favourite songs? What do you think of the top albums lists on the net right now? Such as the following... [URL] If you have any more to add the list please do -JSE

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Here's some more hip hop beef-mongering by me except this time the disses are more direct (unlike the previous Charles Hamilton vs. Lupe Fiasco stuff that turned out to be basically nothing) ... Link to consequence video rant: [URL] This passed under the blog radars as it wasn't on hypetrak.com or anything so I figured I'd share the link..... ...Anyone else hope for some diss tracks? haha

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Saw dedos painting a huge mural at broadway station earlier... [Image]

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[URL] [Image] Sorry to "self-promote." It is a blog I'm personally affiliated with but this is a post by another contributor and it's honestly so ill that I had to share. Anyways, hosting is paid for without any sponsors and not a day goes by without at least 2 or 3 blog posts so we appreciate any quick visits that come our way. Thanks, and enjoy the imagery, -JSE

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[URL] art dude did not tell me to promote this I'm just nice..and so are his paintings take a look around as well... been blogging 1 to 4 posts a day for a couple months

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[EDIT: I MEANT [L&F Presents: Various Companies] [Fall/Winter 2008] Discussion Thread] ] We just published a new article covering the different pieces we're feelin' for fall/winter 2008. If you have a minute, check it out. If you don't, then give it a quick glance? It's basically just a straight-forward no BS post but it's nice to look at and could possibly spark some discussion about the fall/winter lines this year in general. [URL] It actually takes way too much time doing a post like that. Finding all the images, uploading them, making it so that when you click on the thumbnails they enlarge, etc, etc.. all a pain. Anyways, feel free to leave comments on the post letting us know what you think. Hate is welcome. Annd to start off that aforementioned possible discussion... I'm thinking flannels HAVE to be on the way out pretty damn soon. Please? I'm thinking shooting shirts and solid coloured button-ups could be ushered in as a replacement.... And what the hell is up with desert boots and loose baggy slacks on these high fashion brands look-books? ............i'm just not feelin' it. to each his own though.. it's all gravy. Maybe if I was like.. 38 years old? Thanks, THE J. S.. E.

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[URL] smokeyface there's something ill about gucci.., maane

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[URL] |0 Someone post this on philaflava.com or something I don't have an account on there....

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the carter III..., II trill....., nas' new album, a lot of music came out in May [URL] add to the list

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[URL] i ordered these and on the top (titlebar) it says "(BLACK)" but the name of the jpeg file is "http://www.cmonwealth.com/products/ubiq/fatima-nvy/[b]fatima-nvy.jpg[/b]" which almost seems like "fatima navy," like navy blue? they look like they're navy blue too........ what do you think? i'm hoping they're black but don't really care either way....since i have too many pairs of black sneakers already ....for lazy ppl: [Image]

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[URL] particularly the 2 pairs of grey eras.....and the chukkas....... any info much appreciated.

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