hey i know this has probably been answered but i can't find it.. how long is the inseam on naked and famous? specifically weird guys size 31-32

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just copped a jacket online.. its an older one i think, the graphite. anyways im just wondering what the cut is like? i got a medium which is my usual size but i don't like my jackets too short.

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so let's say my purchase is marked as a gift under $60 and shipped with usps. does that mean i don't have to pay any duties or taxes?

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hey man, i would definitely buy the mishka secret weapon, hundreds old english snapback, hundreds patchwork tee, and hundreds circle of hate tee for for $66. i live in canada though, so do you think could you declare it as a gift under $60 so i don't get charged with a bunch of other fees? it would be much appreciated. thanks

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which stores in t.o. carry mishka?

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Anyone know where I can find Mishka in MTL?

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