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your phone (how much is it retail, what'd you get it for with the plan discount) the plan (how much data,talk minutes,text do you pay for vs. how much you actually use) bill (the advertised price vs. what you actually pay after taxes/hidden fees) with the recent release of the Iphone 5, the hype around the Galaxy S3 i'm in a bind about what phone to get and who to sign my life away to for the next 2 years. right now i'm looking at the everything data plan from sprint for $80 a month.

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Alright so its been done before with some dude who works at the movies/burgerking/rehab home/unemployed/ but I work at a home for independent mentally disabled folks and thought you guys might have some questions about retards or something. So ask away

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if you let your girl do some shit like this to you? [Image]

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be weary of southern niggas with face tattoos, they have nothing to lose [Image] somewhere a white man is laughing his ass off at all of this

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i know HB niggas either have social lives and drink/smoke on the regular or have no friends and have tried numb the pain with drugs or some shit so lets hear the crazy stories halloween weekend of last year my nigga steve was having a going away party cause he was about to do a 1 year tour in afghanistan, naturally i came with a bottle of henny as a gift to him and a bottle of barcardi 151 for everybody else. niggas went kobe (shot after shot after shot) mixing beer & with tequila & ect. and next thing i knew i felt something cold on my face. woke up and realized my face was pressed against the screen door & my shirt was ripped then i realized that not only me but a bunch of other people were covered with scars and bruises and shit. come to find out around some point during the party, niggas went outside tried ghost riding on their cars with 3,4,5 people trying to get on top of the moving car at a time. one of my friends ended up with a broken wrist, some other random girl had bruised ribs and a swollen jaw, and one kid fractured his orbital bone all in all good night go [Embed content]

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Or things you try to think about so you don't bust too quick when she's showing you what that mouth do smokeyface for me its whoopie Goldberg

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[Image] ????

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[Image] could've posted in the simp nigga thread, but this is monumental

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can't help but notice the recent rise in having american flags in the background of pics. is this some new hipster fashion trend? just people being more patriotic, embracing americana? people actually making fun of the flag? or am i just over analyzing shit? [Image]

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